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Doha College celebrates International Women's Week

Last term, we embraced the global theme of #InspireInclusion," marking International Women's Week with a series of enriching and inspiring initiatives. From engaging conversations to community-wide activities, we celebrated the contributions of women and reaffirmed our commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

Week-long Celebrations and InitiativesThroughout International Women's Week at Doha College, our community engaged in a variety of activities that both celebrated and advanced our commitment to gender equality and inclusion. One of the highlights was our Charity Bake Sale, which successfully raised funds for the "Education Above All" charity, bringing our community together to support a cause that's close to our hearts. In a similar spirit of outreach and gratitude, students and staff participated in a heartfelt initiative where they sent cards to influential women in their lives, spreading messages of gratitude and solidarity.
Additionally, our youngest scholars in the Foundation Stage took part in creating purple handprints. Each handprint carried a personal message of unity, symbolising our collective commitment to inclusion. These vibrant expressions were more than just colourful activities; they were a powerful declaration of our school's dedication to creating an inclusive environment from the earliest years.
The empowHer club, an initiative led by our students, organised an assembly that provided peer perspectives on gender equality and inclusion. This student-led event was a testament to the proactive engagement of our youth in issues that matter.
The week was further enriched by an assembly featuring external speakers, who brought inspirational stories from their diverse professional fields into our school, providing students and staff with new perspectives on success and resilience. This was complemented by another assembly led by our own staff, who shared their personal and professional experiences, highlighting the diverse paths to empowerment found within our very own community.


Our Sixth Form prefect, Odun, spearheaded two notable Q&A sessions, supported by Rauf, Chloe, Leyla, and Panashe, featuring an impressive lineup of female speakers. Their diverse experiences and insights illuminated various paths of success and resilience:


  • Noor Al-Abdullah, Head of Recruitment at QatarEnergy and Co-Founder of Vault Studio, shared her journey in the energy sector and the importance of mentorship.
  • Rudo Kwashi, Operations Manager for Admissions at Georgetown University in Qatar, highlighted the role of education in empowering women.
  • Eynas Ahmed from the Embassy discussed the significance of women in diplomacy.
  • Sunita Mathew, Head of Admissions, underscored the importance of equitable access to education.
  • Eleanor Thomson, a Maths teacher and Deputy Year 8 leader, shared her experiences in STEM education.
  • Lucy Balfour, a Dance teacher and professional ballerina, talked about overcoming stereotypes in the arts.
  • Haya Aljajeh, an Architect and French teacher, bridged the gap between the sciences and arts in her dual roles.


The blending of International Women's Day with World Book Day offered a unique opportunity to celebrate both the literary contributions of female authors and the powerful stories of influential women.
Through interviews and filming sessions, we captured and shared thoughts on both influential women and impactful literary characters, fostering a deeper connection between students' educational experiences and the broader themes of empowerment.
To further inspire our younger students, empowering books featuring stories of female strength and achievement were read in primary classes. These readings were designed to introduce primary students to powerful narratives of women who have made significant contributions to society, thereby fostering early awareness and appreciation of gender equality.


Each of these activities contributed to a week of reflection, celebration, and advocacy, reinforcing our school’s ongoing commitment to fostering an environment where every individual is respected and empowered.
In keeping with our drive in ‘Reflecting on the Power of Our Words’, we were reminded of the significant impact our words have in promoting kindness, solidarity, equity, and inclusion. Through every action, from assemblies to bake sales, we used our collective voice to support an anti-discriminatory environment and celebrate the achievements of women.


The success of International Women's Week at Doha College last term is a testament to our community's dedication to fostering an environment where everyone is respected and empowered. We thank everyone who participated and contributed to making this week not just a celebration but a step forward in our ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity.

I look forward to sharing these values with you again, soon, as we celebrate ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ with a whole-college Drop Down Day on Tuesday 21st May 2024.

Maisie Hesketh, DEI Lead, Doha College