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Doha College Hosts Annual Medical Review Conference

Since its inception in 2014, we hosted our highly anticipated annual Medical Review Conference this month, proudly showcasing the outstanding research and presentations of our talented students.

The event was a resounding success; excitement echoed through the auditorium as students took centre stage to present their findings on various medical topics in front of a distinguished panel of judges.


The Winning Team:

Securing first place were Salma Haba, Sofia Raza, and Zainab Zaheer, who delivered an outstanding presentation on 'mRNA Technology.’ They comprehensively traced the journey from the birth of the pandemic to the birth of hope, emphasising the role mRNA technology played in offering humankind togetherness in the past and its remarkable potential for shaping the future.



Second Place Team:

In second place, Seri Barakat, Paul Kurian, and Rohan Sadhu presented 'Advancements in Renal Replacement Therapy,' shedding light on the use of Treg cells to assist in immunosuppression post-kidney transplant.






Third Place Team:

Third place went to Maria Anjali Byreddy and Leisha Ann Silas, whose presentation was about 'Pharmacodynamics – ANVD and Hodgkins Lymphoma,' offering insights into the application of ABDV, a drug cocktail used to help treat the condition.



The Adjudicators:

· Amina Khalid: A dentist currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in medical sciences

· Dr Lamaan Mawlood: A distinguished professional serving at Hamad Medical Corporation

· Dr Jim Laughton: A distinguished professional serving at Hamad Medical Corporation


We are delighted to have run the Medical Review Conference for our students again this year. The conference seeks to inspire our students to fuel their passion for science and medicine. They present their medical and scientific research and gain invaluable feedback from peers and experts drawn from the Qatar medical community.

Together we can inspire a new generation of scientists and medical professionals !Mrs Rachel Hart, biology teacher and coordinator of the event 

Huge round of applause for the academic excellence exhibited by all participants at the Medical Review Conference, and we extend heartfelt congratulations to the winners!

Scroll through the images to see some of the images from the conference

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