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Year 6 Student Zakarya Aldeeb featured at the Qatar National Library

Cristina Ionascu

Zakarya is extremely passionate about animals and wildlife as a whole; having spent a lot of time and research on the subject, he is very knowledgeable about it. Wishing to share his knowledge of animals and the world’s ecosystems, Zakarya decided to create a book that would help spread it to others, and be of use to them.

“Deserts” is the first book of his series titled “The Wild World,” which will introduce many of the earth’s ecosystems and the fauna found there. Spanning just over 130 pages, “Deserts” took a lot of time and effort to become a cohesive mix of factual and entertaining information. The book is organised in a way that collects several aspects of an animal all in one place, leading readers to discover something new, page by page.

Here is a list of the animals that made the cut, as they appear in the book:

The small fox with enormous ears - the fennec fox
The colonial African mongoose - the meerkat
The ship of the desert – the camel
The fastest land mammal - the cheetah
The hairy, burrowing edentate - the screaming hairy armadillo
North America’s longest and heaviest snake - the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
The large, flightless ratites of Australia – the emu
The flat-shelled African pancake – the tortoise
The desert-dwelling wild cat – the sand cat
and finally...
The critically endangered oryx of red horns - the scimitar-horned oryx.

Copies of Zakarya’s book can be found not just at the Doha College library, but also at the Qatar National Library.

Congratulation Zakarya, this is an amazing achievement, and we look forward to reading future titles from “The Wild World” series.

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