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Qatar National Day celebrations at Doha College

Cristina Ionascu

Always deeply appreciative of its host country, Doha College delights in the opportunity to celebrate the Qatari heritage. This year, the proceedings were a little different, with Covid restrictions dialling down the number and the breadth of activities. There were no falcons, camels or karak on the campus, but the spirit of the day was just as high.

The day was full of Qatar-related quizzes, art and learning, and a socially-distanced audience was treated to a repertoire on qanoon by Year 11 Doha College student Hana Shabani, as well as the performance of a traditional band. 

Children created their own henna designs (on paper!), and staff and students wore Qatar traditional outfits or colours. Here are a few images but you can tap here to see all the photos taken on the day. 

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