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Cristina Ionascu

Every academic year, Doha College sets in motion a thorough process of selection in which students and staff appoint a team of six 6th-formers as the top layer of student leadership. The applicants come from the most active and impactful students, whose initiatives and participation through the years has led to positive changes within the school.

The process has many upsides: the applicants get an opportunity to polish their leadership skills, while the school reaps the results of their enthusiasm and commitment. For those elected, the tenure of such positions is also a coveted enhancement to their personal statements, as they apply for third level education.

The new 'Big 6' team comprises this year head boy Ross Nelson, head girl Kaashvi Ahuja, deputy head boy Reuben Singh, deputy head girl Aardra Jithesh, and senior prefects Gwen Yap and Adyan Ahmed.

In their paragraphs below, the new electees give us a glimpse of the expectations for their upcoming year in office:


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