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In memory of Lenny Heidel, forever in our hearts

Cristina Ionascu

2020 brought many tough challenges for the Doha College community, but none of it more so than the loss of Year 11 student Lenny Heidel. Lenny was loved by all those who knew him, with his bright and vibrant personality, along with his lovely and polite manner.

Lenny joined Doha College in Year 1 and was with us for 10 years, before his tragic death on 22 December 2019 on holiday in his native Germany. His loss to this day is felt across our community, however we hold dear all the wonderful memories and stories of Lenny.

Doha College was honoured to unveil a bench dedicated by his family to the school. Both his parents and sister Antonia, who graduated from Doha College in June 2020, joined us to share in the special moment. The bench takes pride of place in the secondary outdoor quad, where many students gather to remember Lenny and share in the joy of having been part of his life. We may have moved to a new campus, but we still have Lenny with us in this way.

We look forward to having many students and staff take a moment to sit on the bench and remember him fondly as the energetic, kind and vibrant student who aimed to put a smile on the face of others. Lenny is greatly missed by the whole Doha College community, and it is wonderful to have his presence ever felt and remembered.

We cannot thank the Doha College community enough for their support throughout this tough first year without Lenny. We have been working on a website for him which you can visit under It will be continually updated with pictures and messages.
The Heidel Family

The soundtrack of the video below, together with other songs you can hear on Lenny's website, was recorded by his fellow students at Doha College, and the music was chosen from Lenny's playlists. Sail smoothly Lenny, we are all better people for having known you.


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