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Cristina Ionascu

Even if you have not yet travelled to an exciting destination, it doesn’t mean the fun can’t start. These happy Evo campers are having the time of their lives, while learning important skills and getting fit and healthy. 

The multi-sports EVO Summer Camps are in full swing at Doha College, where children are challenged progressively to develop their skills, performance and confidence. The campers play different sports each day and partake in different activities, which are delivered in a fun and safe way. 

For the past two weeks, children have been enjoying soccer, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, cricket, tag rugby. But still – it’s the holidays! To uphold that notion, many other fun activities have been incorporated in the day, aiming to turn the experience into wonderful memories: team-building exercises, circle time for the younger groups, fun tag games and sure enough – movie time. 

To keep the children’s imagination engaged and productive, each day is themed on a child-friendly topic. Last week, there was “Show and Tell” on Monday, “Superhero Time” on Tuesday, “Fly the Coaches Home” on Wednesday and “Flag Thursday” – yes, you guessed right – on Thursday. (Sunday is for settling in and learning about all the upcoming events). By participating in in these challenges, the children earn points for their team, so their competitive spirit gets a little flexed through some healthy competition. 

In the words of poet Alfred Mercier, quoted by DC Principal Dr Steffen Sommer and displayed in huge letters on one of our walls, “What we learn we pleasure we never forget.” So we fully expect that our EVO campers will never forget the skills they will have learnt this summer.


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