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Doha College opens new sensory room for students and staff

Cristina Ionascu







Eagerly awaiting the return of the students, Doha College has prepared for them a brand-new resource. A joint venture between the Primary Learning Support and Primary Music departments, the sensory room is a newly opened space aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of students and staff.

Not that you’d know it right now, schools can be noisy, busy places. For some, the sheer volume of stimuli can sometimes get too much, making the school environment stressful. Anxiety and the abnormality of a pandemic are acute issues that are affecting both teachers and students this school year. The central purpose of a calming room is to help regulate these emotions. When stress and anxiety rise, all humans struggle to make excellent choices. We struggle in having productive conversations, and we lose focus on the tasks that lie in front of us. Therefore, the goal of our calming room is to reduce negative sensory input and provide calming visual, auditory, and tactile experiences to help destress.

The creation of a sensory and calming room is a practical and effective way to provide calming and safe spaces for our community. This new room is a sound-proofed space dedicated to stimulating, developing, and relaxing the senses with freedom and autonomy to explore the environment. The décor of the sensory room includes low lighting, a choice of comfortable places to sit, a variety of interesting objects to examine, musical instructions, colour block patterns and soft sounds/music. We will be developing the provision in the room as we acquire further equipment and resources, and we hope that the resources cater for as many as our students and staff as possible.

Doha College strives caters to everyone’s wellbeing, and sensory and calming environments are a step in that direction. If you have comments or suggestions, please add them in the comments section below.

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