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Doha College students organise hugely successful DCMUN conference

Cristina Ionascu

In fact, the online aspect of the conference enabled the students to widen the DCMUN community. Their online campaign reached like-minded students worldwide, eliciting large amounts of applications. DCMUN also reached a new milestone – an exec member from outside Doha College, namely Ella Pyne from ASD, who joined as Deputy Head of ICJ. International participation listed students from Singapore, Pakistan, Australia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, India and Germany.

The Doha College Model United Nations hosted 14 committees over two days, although lobbying had started a week before the actual conference, giving the delegates the chance to know each other better before debating, and make sure their resolutions were perfect.

Since the beginning of the academic year, Ailsa Cameron, Chairwoman of the Club, and Giulia Pina, Deputy Chairwoman of the Club, ran the DCMUN co-curriculum activity virtually, and made sure to keep it interesting and fun for participants. Ailsa and Giulia hosted activities such as the MUN Olympics, which included Kahoots, Arguments and Teams quizzes. They gave members the opportunity to hear from guest speaker Ghwena El-Minawi, and also ran multiple internal conferences.

Some of the issues debated at this year’s conference tackled “The Situation in Kashmir,” “The Question of South China Sea,” “Measures to Reform the Juvenile Justice System,” “Eliminating Widespread Poaching and Protecting Endangered Species,” “Managing the Threat to Global Health by Vaccine Hesitancy” and many more.

You can find out all about the issues and about the people who made the event happen by reading the pre-conference and post-conference booklets by tapping on the thumbnails below. You can also visit their website at or find this year's updates on Instagram @dcmun.2021.

A huge well done to everyone involved, massive thanks for keeping such an important event going during the pandemic – and doing it SO brilliantly. We will leave you with this feedback from participants (in the cheerfully informal vernacular of online exchanges!):

I had a delightful experience here. With me being a very inexperienced beginner, I couldn't help but admire the skills and determination of some delegates and certain individuals; how much they all contributed to all of this. I can't wait to see you all next year, and I hope I'll make a contribution! 😇  Hira, EC Norway

One of the best, if not THE best conference I had! Ty chairs for the best delegate! And I can't wait to see y'all in future conferences!!!<33 Mikayla EC China 

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