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Doha College student creates Coronavirus tracking website

Cristina Ionascu

Our own Ahmed Aldeeb (Y8) created a website full of real-time information on Coronavirus developments and safety tips. This remarkable achievement was featured in last Friday's edition of the Gulf Times. Here, Ahmed explains what inspired him to build the website, how it self-updates continuously, and the work that went in creating it.

"This project was inspired due to the lack of information and updates regarding the virus I had seen on the internet at the time of starting the project. Underwhelmed with the websites I had seen, I decided to make my own website and API, that would include both reliable information and a beautiful design, allowing people to interact seamlessly and easily with the data. You can visit it by typing in your browser of choice.

Coded entirely from the ground up, I made an API (Application Programming Interface) using my Python and Node Js knowledge that scrapes data - such as cases, recovered, deaths, and more - from over 215 government’s websites. Surpassing a total of more than 15,000 lines of code, it has been designed in a form that is both reliable and easily scalable. This data is then updated and stored as a JSON file allowing my Website to communicate with the data directly; thanks to the use of Firebase (a storage and backend solution created by Google).

The website is solely just the interface; the real challenge is how you handle the API and backend. As for the website, I decided to use a widely popular JavaScript Library called React JS (developed and maintained by Facebook) along with other famous web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Node JS, Material UI, and more! My goal was to make a website that’s interactive and fun for the user, using the latest design and UI/UX trends. To achieve this, I made a dashboard, providing the user with the latest updates easily without having to worry to find all the specific information and news; this wasn’t found in any present websites, which is a really great feature to include. I am also developing a map page, allowing the users to communicate with the map and locate the data in a more distinctive procedure, allowing them to find the data in a considerably more beautiful manner than an ordinary table.

I have been really enjoying this project, and I’m looking forward to adding a vaccine API that displays the numbers of vaccines in development around the world. Experimenting with more technologies, I have also been working on an app that uses my Coronavirus API and notifies the user with updates and info related to the current pandemic. Finally. I’m planning to release my API to the public so anyone can use it and provide the healthcare industry and regular people with all the info they need regarding the Coronavirus. This would mean that the project would be open-source and available to developers from all over the world to contribute to it."

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