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Doha College nominates three students for COBIS Student Achievement Awards

Cristina Ionascu

Each year, Doha College nominates a number of students for the COBIS Student Achievement Awards, which recognise outstanding individual achievements or contributions to an aspect of school or community life. Read about this year's students and the achievements that brought them the nominations.

Razan Elshazali, Year 13

Razan has created an inspirational Instagram and NGO called "Women of Sudan." She has an Instagram following of over 6,000 people. She posts articles of interest about social, political and historical events over the last decades and also holds events for activists. The account promotes feminism, social and political agendas from a range of sources and sectors promoting peace, democracy, gender balance and history and cultural heritage. Razan organises and interviews activists from a range of social and democratic movements. Her work has also inspired the creation of a school cultural committee to continue her work locally within the school. 

Vibhav Agrawal, Year 10

Vibhav teaches mathematics to lesser privileged children who live in rural areas and remote villages in India, through a local NGO. Currently, he teaches 10 to12-year-old children. He plans the lesson and teaches via Zoom meetings every week. He goes through the learning objectives, then he delivers the lesson and finally he gives them homework to do. Vibhav then takes it upon himself to mark the homework and return it back to them during the week. Students are tested on the topics covered and he provides feedback to help them improve and develop skills to give them the opportunity to continue their education. 

Nina Nair, Year 13

Nina has contributed to whole school wellbeing by setting up the Wellbeing Committee. She has been the driving force behind this initiative and has changed the way of thinking of both staff and students by highlighting this most important of areas in school. She has driven physical changes to the school and created an online platform for students to find information, support their wellbeing and talk with a student representative reading their wellbeing. Through her leadership, the school now has a much stronger awareness of this important issue and the legacy she has created will continue to grow.

Congratulations to Razan, Vibhav and Nina on their well-deserved nominations, and we hope their stories will inspire others.

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