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Cristina Ionascu

Doha College is delighted to announce the launch of its Instrumental Music programme from August 2021, which will offer one-to-one and group lessons to students in a broad range of instruments. 

Learning to play an instrument is tremendous for cognitive development and engages the brain in a multifaceted manner. Qualifications can be gained through ABRSM and RSL Awards – valuable for university entrance points, in the long term. It also provides excellent opportunities for students to join forces with their peers for recitals, concerts and productions.

The Instrumental Music programme is staffed by talented and enthusiastic musicians, highly qualified specialists in their field, drawn from a broad international base. They teach skill development, technique, music reading and improvisation. They select materials and repertoire that are appropriate for each student, tailored to their level and targets.

The instruments they teach include

  • Strings 
  • Woodwind – flute, clarinet, saxophone 
  • Brass – trumpet, horn, tuba
  • Piano 
  • Guitar, ukulele, bass guitar 
  • Theory 

Students of Doha College are seasoned performers, familiar to the many stages of Qatar. They consistently perform and receive recognition at events such as “Qatar National Music Competition,” “Qatar School Choir of the Year” or “Battle of the Bands.” Doha College also organises regular opportunities to perform at its winter concerts, summer recitals, talent shows and other occasions such as the Spring Fayre, the poetry evening or drama productions. Orchestras have been very popular co-curricular activities, pre-pandemic, and we hope to see them return as soon as it is practical. 

Registrations will open on 23 August and teaching will commence Sunday 29 August 2021. From that date on, new members can follow this link to register; members' area can be accessed here

Lessons take place during the school day on a revolving timetable between the hours of 7.30 and 1.30pm. After school slots are reserved for GCSE, Advanced Level and external students. Depending on the students' age, current level and targets, lessons can vary in duration from 30 to 45 or 60 minutes, or students can be taught in small groups, all of which adds to cost flexibility. 

In the meantime, enjoy these phenomenal piano performances, which were recorded by Doha College students for the 2021 Awards ceremony.


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