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Doha College hosts online community Iftar

Cristina Ionascu

Doha College, one of the oldest international schools in Qatar, hosted a virtual Iftar with families of students and staff, giving everyone an opportunity to see each other after the long separation, exchange greetings, send each other and good wishes, enjoy togetherness once again and share a meaningful, spiritual experience.

Around 165 people logged on to the online community iftar; some had made “Ramadan Kareem” banners, while others chose beautiful Ramadan-inspired art as their backgrounds. One of the youngest Doha College students fasting, seven-year-old Muhammad Umar Dalvi, explained to the community what fasting meant to him. Non-Muslim participants enriched their learning about Ramadan with the wisdom passionately shared by their Muslim peers and colleagues.

After the welcoming messages from Principal Dr Steffen Sommer and co-hosts Lama Daoud and Chawki Nacef, Heads of Arabic in the Primary and Secondary respectively, the community listened together to the Maghreb Athan call to prayer and broke their fast with dates.

This was the second community iftar organised by Doha College, although the first to take place online due to the ongoing pandemic. Last year, the college held a large gathering where hundreds of students, parents and staff brought exquisite dishes to share with the whole community. It was an exceptionally successful event, which the school pledged to turn into tradition – a promise that was kept despite the challenging conditions of 2020.

I was very glad to be able to hold this online community Iftar, to get the Doha College community together at this very special time for all Muslims and also for all of us, since we share this culture as residents of Qatar. The participating families appreciated the reconnection, albeit virtual, in this time of social distancing, and were able to enjoy it just as much, in the true spirit of Doha College.

- Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College


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