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Doha College Art teacher - internationally renowned artist
Cristina Ionascu

Shahida Ahmed, Art teacher at Doha College, is a well-recognised artist, whose work has been exhibited in the Katara Cultural Village, the Islamic Museum of Australia, and the Sharjah Museum. In 2017, Shahida Ahmed’s work was rewarded with the Alhambra Award for Excellence in the Arts at the annual British Muslim News Awards ceremony in London.

Ms Ahmed has also recently debuted a new signature that will feature on her works and simply reads ‘She’. The anonymous pronoun ‘She’ will denote, Ms Ahmed says, “a woman - no faith, colour or culture - whose art is there to be freely interpreted by all.”

The pandemic has proven to be a not only a challenge but also, at times, a source of inspiration. Ms Ahmed said: “I am humbled and privileged to have exhibited around the world and have my works showcased in prestigious buildings. My recent works have been created over the pandemic. Four exhibitions were cancelled, but I was able to make more work inspired by colours and shapes.”

“My most moving collection is a series I did on children in light bulbs, titled “Call for Humanity.” These are real children, who are suffering around the world due to poverty. I painted them in a bulb to show that children are the light of the world and we switch them on and off when it suits us, while the bulb represents the man-made vacuum we capture them in.”

Further plans are afoot for Shahida Ahmed, who plans to release her first novel “Through Brown Eyes,” later this year.

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