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DC students at Northwestern’s Journalism Course

Cristina Ionascu

Doha College students recently participated in an “invitation only” journalism course organised by Northwestern University in Qatar, and ten of them are now officially 'journalism authors.' To claim a spot on the course, the students produced video and audio content, as well as journalistic writing. The applicants' work was of a high standard and Northwestern University accepted 20 students from Doha College.

This project aimed to foster engagement among school children in Qatar with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), while improving general media literacy skills. The idea was to publish an eight-page newspaper written and produced by 7th and 8th graders in Qatar. The project intended to incorporate children and their families as well as teachers in the process of understanding and disseminating science news. The final product was the publication of a newspaper about STEM, accessible and comprehensible to children and young adults. The children investigated, wrote and produced news stories on themes they chose themselves, and brought to fruition with the support and guidance of their school teachers and the Faculty at Northwestern University, Qatar.

Of the 20 Doha College students invited to take part on the course, ten had their work published in  the actual paper (making up nearly half of the content providers, alongside 13 other students from ACS International School, Qatar Academy Doha, the Lebanese School of Qatar and the International School of London, Qatar). Visit to read all the articles and download the pdf version.

Many congratulations to

Raul Miguel Laszlo Louro
Zainab Shahabuddin
Neriah Ossei
Sharon Adeniyi
Shriya Mishra
Aimie Domagalski
Sithumi Manamendra
Malihah Sahnon Panggabean
Simerjeet Kaur Malhi
Anushka Gudavalli 

A special thank you to our English enrichment coordinator – Allen O’Halloran, and science enrichment coordinator – Dr Naima Narband.

The project was sponsored by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and Siemens Energy.

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