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Cristina Ionascu

Mockingbird Performance Arts is Doha College’s partner academy that complements the school’s academic offering with a diverse range of activities featuring acting, dance and music. 

Well-known for its acting school, through mega-performances that reached far into the community of Doha, Mockingbird has extended its expertise throughout the years to include musical theatre, ballet, jazz/street dance and contemporary dance.

The caliber of the dance expertise at Mockingbird is such that it earned the Junior group a podium place at the recent international competition “BSME Dance Digital.” Their choreography impressed both the judges and the virtual audience, who placed them runners ups in the contest.

Children aged 5 to 7 years learn the basic principles of ballet technique positions of the feet and arms, steps, jumps and travel sequences. The emphasis is to have fun and developing confidence, whilst improving technique, co-ordination and musicality. The use of props - wands, scarves and tambourines - enhances children’s creativity.

This class, divided in age groups of 8 to 11 and 12 to 18, is high in energy and uses elements of jazz and street dance. The class focuses on flexibility, co-ordination, strength, rhythm, variation of dynamics and performance skills.

This class, aimed at participants aged 11 to 18, combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso, floor work, travel steps and sequences, routines that encourage self-expression and interpretation. The class enhances co-ordination, flexibility, strength, body alignment, fluidity and flow.

Dance has obvious benefits for the physical development of a child, for which reason it is featured in Doha College’s Physical Education curriculum for certain year groups. It keeps children fit, improves flexibility, balance and spatial awareness. But its mental, social and emotional benefits cannot be overstated. Dance develops confidence and self-worth, it strengthens cognitive ability, it emphasises body language, it is creative, it requires communication, teamwork and many other competencies. Most importantly however, it helps the child become comfortable in his or her skin, and surroundings.

To find out more about the dance skills taught at Mockingbird, or to register for classes, visit their website here

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