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Doha College raises over QR25,000 on Pink Day

Doha College pulled all stops on Pink Day to raise funds for cancer research. The theme is no stranger to the Doha College community, with both sad and hopeful stories having affected teachers, students and parents alike at different points. 

Students and staff wore every shade of pink on the day, sold ribbons and cookies, encouraged everyone to participate, and donated very generously to the Charities Committee. Across the Primary and Secondary schools, the fundraising efforts managed to clock an astounding QR25,840, which will be transferred over to charities that support cancer research.

Doha College nurtures empathy and compassion, qualities that contribute to the creation of a supportive society, and Pink Day is an opportunity for the students to tap into these qualities and translate them into action. The school wishes to thank their Charities Committee members, who worked with dedication to make the fundraiser happen, and to everyone who donated.

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