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Doha College’s U13 team receives a hero’s welcome after winning the BSME Games 2024

A HUGE welcome to our brand-new champions – Doha College’s valiant U13 team, who won hearts and trophies at the Abu Dhabi BSME Games 2024. They defeated the host school into second place (The British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi), and emerged victorious out of 16 schools from across the Middle East.

Beyond medals, the participating students took away a whole lot else from the tournament: a transformative experience that translates into enhanced physical and mental well-being, social cohesion, and a stronger sense of attachment to the school, which plays a significant role in academic achievement.

Full highlights

Here are the results of our newly crowned heroes:

Team results

Girls athletics 1st             

16 points                                                                              

Girls football 2nd 15 points
Girls netball 4th 13 points
Boys athletics 2nd 15 points
Boys football 3rd 14 points 
Boys volleyball 5th 12 points 


Athletics, Girls & Boys combined, 1st Overall - 32 points

Girls 4x100 relay 3rd Amy Alberts, Nour Abdellal, Millie Hegarty, Ailbhe O’Sullivan
Girls long jump 1st  Amy Alberts
Girls 800m 2nd and 3rd Amy Alberts and Millie Hegarty
Girls high jump 3rd Ailbhe O’Sullivan
Girls Triple jump 2nd  Treasure Adeniyi
Boys 4x100 relay 3rd Jafar Okin, Alfie Allen, Luqman Goolammamode, Harry Gorman
Boys triple jump 1st and 2nd Harry Gorman and Adam Sanno
Boys 100m 3rd Harry Gorman
Boys 200m 3rd Harry Gorman
Boys 800m 2nd Alfie Allan

The achievements of our BSME U13 team underscore the holistic approach that Doha College takes in promoting physical well-being and personal growth through the whole school sporting ethos. By fostering a culture of engagement in sports and co-curricular activities, Doha College empowers its students to thrive both athletically and academically, setting them on a path toward success and fulfilment in all aspects of their lives.



Doha College’s Physical Education Department is deeply engaged in a diverse array of sporting competitions including BSME, COBIS, QUESS, and QPSSA. Moreover, they provide a wide selection of sporting CCAs and the school collaborates with Evolution Sports to offer community-based sports clubs. These initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering the physical literacy of our students.


The journey to success has been a collective effort; Doha College’s PE Department extends their heartfelt gratitude to the parents, teachers, and all those who supported and encouraged our young athletes. The commitment to training, the spirit of camaraderie, and the resilience shown by the team truly exemplify the values we cherish at Doha College.

Martin Eldridge, Director of Sport

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Congratulations to all participating students, and keep up the wonderful DC sporting spirit!

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