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BSME success for Doha College

Our U15 BSME Games team, selected through our Talent ID programme, recently travelled to Bahrain for the U15 BSME Games, held at St Christopher's School, Bahrain.

The team not only participated with enthusiasm but also demonstrated remarkable skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Their outstanding performance on the football pitches, volleyball and netball courts and athletics in this multi-faceted tournament has not only brought glory to Doha College but has also established a new benchmark for excellence in sports within our school community.

Day 1 highlights

Day 2 highlights

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It is an established fact that for every human being, sports are second to oxygen in maintaining a good health leading to a happy life. The role of sports has a significant place among other extra-curricular activities.

Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist, and professor at Stanford University states 'engaging in physical activity triggers the release of endorphins, which are responsible for reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.'

In this regard, Doha College Physical Education Department acts as a nucleus, impacting on our children and taking responsibility in highlighting the importance of sports and physical activity in our diverse and international community.

We play a vital role in leading our students in encouraging mass participation, encompassing physical literacy through our games programme, KS3 lessons, GCSE and A Level theoretical courses. On top of that, we identify our own sporting talent through our Talent ID programme. The Physical Education Department highlights sporting talent but also ensures that the individual exemplifies the Doha College values of Diligence, Respect, Perseverance, and Integrity. 

The journey to success has been a collective effort; our department extends our heartfelt gratitude to the parents, teachers, and all those who have supported and encouraged our young athletes. The commitment to training, the spirit of camaraderie, and the resilience shown by the team truly exemplify the values we cherish at Doha College.

Martin Eldridge, Director of Sport

Below are the standout achievements of the team and individuals, up against 12 different schools from across the Middle East:

  • Boys Football – 1st place (no goals conceded)
  • Girls Football – 3rd place 
  • Boys Volleyball – 7th place
  • Girls Netball – 4th place
  • Boys Athletics – 3rd overall place
  • Girls Athletics – 2nd overall place 
  • Boys High Jump – 1st Adam Jan 
  • Boys Shot Put – 1st Adam Jan
  • Boys Long Jump – 1st Caleb Banks, 2nd Hashim Nasr 
  • Boys 800m – 1st Sami Durani, 2nd Andrea Giacherro
  • Boys 100m – 2nd Hashim Nasr
  • Girls Shot Put – 2nd Liane Cronje, 3rd Emma Thompson
  • Girls Long Jump – 2nd (by 1cm only!) Sameerah Muhammad
  • Girls 100m – 3rd Sameerah Muhammad

As we celebrate this triumph, it is important to recognise not only the achievements on the field but also the growth, character development, and valuable life lessons that participation in sports brings. Doha College was the only British school in Qatar that took part in the tournament, and did the country proud. The achievement of our U15 Games Team in securing 2nd place against the formidable hosts St. Christopher's School, which emerged as the winner, is a testament to the holistic education we strive to provide at Doha College, where academic excellence goes hand in hand with personal and athletic achievements.

Here are the overall results from the U15 BSME games

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