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New ‘Big 6’ team at the helm of Doha College’s student body

Every academic year, Doha College sets in motion a thorough process of selection in which students and staff appoint a team of six 6th-formers as the top layer of student leadership. The applicants come from the most active and impactful students, whose initiatives and participation through the years has led to positive changes within the school.

The process has many upsides: the applicants get an opportunity to polish their leadership skills, while the school reaps the results of their enthusiasm and commitment. For those elected, the tenure of such positions is also a coveted enhancement to their personal statements, as they apply for third level education.

The new 'Big 6' team comprises this year head boy Ross Nelson, head girl Kaashvi Ahuja, deputy head boy Reuben Singh, deputy head girl Aardra Jithesh, and senior prefects Gwen Yap and Adyan Ahmed.

In their paragraphs below, the new electees give us a glimpse of the expectations for their upcoming year in office:

Ross Nelson - Head Boy

With students as the main stakeholders in the school, we the ‘Big 6’ put them at the forefront of everything we do. For the students, by the students. After being one of those students at DC for the last 8 years, I understand this perfectly and am excited at the prospect of working with everyone around me to make the school the best it can possibly be. DC has just started its next chapter and we are here to make sure it opens with a bang. 

Kaashvi Ahuja - Head Girl

Starting our second academic year in this new campus, it is more important than ever for students and staff to feel inspired, appreciated, and most importantly, happy. Since Year 5, I have felt privileged to be able to learn from the kind and loving people at DC. My team and I hope to implement positive change whilst ensuring, first and foremost, that the student voice is acknowledged. I am truly looking forward to what this year will bring! 

Reuben Singh - Deputy Head Boy

Doha College hosts a vibrant student body, a fantastic mix of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. This year I hope to further integrate all these features into our life here. Student leadership should act as the glue that binds the student body with the staff, creating trust and unity. I aim to provide a fresh set of eyes on how we operate, to offer solutions, suggestions, and initiatives that align with the view of students, staff, and all others.

Aardra Jithesh - Deputy Head Girl

Being part of the ‘Big 6’ has given me the privilege to develop a connected Doha College community, and help our school flourish in its new home. The new campus has given us an amazing opportunity to enable us to reach our full potential, and help others reach their full potential too. I am confident we will build on the work of our previous leadership teams to create a safe and nurturing environment to inspire generations of DC students to come.

Adyan Ahmed - Senior Prefect

Having been at DC since Year 5, I have always wanted to help make a difference to school by providing the student body with a unified voice to allow them to express their concerns and suggestions freely. Being a part of the Big 6 team this academic year, we want to be the thread that binds the student body together. It’s a way for us, the students, to shape our relationship with the school, creating a community of people that will excel in every aspect.

Gwen Yap - Senior Prefect

For the past 13 years, I witnessed the growth of DC and the people in it. I find it so fascinating to see how far we've come as a school, and how far I've come as a person since the moment I first set foot here. This year, I am beyond privileged to serve as Senior Prefect and I hope to give back to this welcoming and inspiring community I grew up in by helping students perpetuate their passions, and by being the driving force through which positive change can flourish.