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Doha College Welcomes the Al Attiyah Adventure Playpark

To the children of Doha College, I donate this activity park to you with the sincere hope that it ignites your sense of adventure and fuels your spirit of activity.  Just as you conquer the challenges in this park, may you carry that same determination into life, never ceasing to climb towards your dreams and aspirations.

Engr. Hamad Bin Abdulla Al Attiyah

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Mr Al-Attiyah, a parent with children in both Primary and Secondary school, to open the Al Attiyah Adventure Playpark that was very kindly donated through Al Attiyah Architecture Group Holding.
Primary children will have hours of fun and exercise on it - both of which are incredibly important to us, representing our focus on the whole child.

Our commitment to creating and building for the future of Qatar has been a cornerstone of our mission, and it is with great pleasure that we aided our CEO, Engr. Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Attiyah with his donation to Doha College. We recognize that the children within its walls are the future architects of Qatar's destiny. Through this adventure park, we aim to contribute to their growth by providing more than just play; it is an investment in their development. We believe that the experiences gained here will help shape their foundation for their future, instilling values such as confidence, independence, a spirit of adventure, and a passion for a healthy, active lifestyle. As these children climb, swing, and explore, they are not just having fun – they are building the strength and resilience needed to face the challenges of tomorrow. We are honored to be part of their journey and excited to witness the positive impact this donation will have on the future leaders of Qatar

EDGE Interior

Collaborating with my CEO to facilitate his donation of this adventure park to the children of Doha College, especially as a Alumni of a school I hold so close to the heart has been an absolute pleasure. Witnessing the joy and excitement in their eyes as we built this park, we were reminded of the incredible impact our collective efforts we can have on the community. This adventure park stands as a testament to the commitment of our organization and CEO to enhance the lives of the next generation. We believe it will not only be a source of fun and play but also a catalyst for fostering a spirit of exploration among the children. Together, we look forward to seeing the positive influence and lasting memories this donated adventure park will create for the vibrant community at Doha College.

Ewerton Fortunato (Al Attiyah Group Holding)

And, as a not-for-profit school, this investment means we can commit funds to other areas of the school.  Every riyal that comes into DC is spent on DC, not only remaining in the country but specifically linked to pupil outcomes.

We hope it is a relationship that will continue to build with Mr Al-Attiyah and also that it will spark a passion and generate momentum with other donors, both personal and commercial.  Please do get in touch with me directly ( if you would like to ask about projects you could donate to on a personal level or in a corporate capacity.  Do also let me know if you have contacts you think I could speak to about such projects

David Lish, Chief Operating Officer - Doha College

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