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Committed to preparing children for the real world from the earliest stages of their education, Doha College ensures that Primary students are actively involved in the life of the school. To achieve this, the college offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for students. At the beginning of each year, elections and other selection paths put together a vibrant and enthusiastic body of students that gladly go the extra mile to serve their fellow students and the school community.

While the Head Boys and Girls come from Year 6, the other jobs are taken by students from Year 1 and up; some positions require representation from each class, others from each year group, while others only require particular passion and expertise, regardless of class or year group.

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Each year, Doha College students and teachers elect a team of six 6th-formers to enhance the school experience for everyone. They are known as ‘The Big 6’ and they represent Doha College at public events, act as ambassadors of DC in the wider community, act as a liaison between the student body and the leadership group, and a lot more.

These are our current Big 6 team:

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Doha College’s Charity Committee are back for a second year! This year, all classes from Year 1 and upwards have had the chance to elect a charity committee member, and now the committee comprises a 36-strong team. The committee, enthusiastically led by primary teacher Jonathan Kuttschreuter, decided to help two charities: one is the ‘Building Schools Abroad Scheme’ and the other is the ‘2nd Chance Rescue’. 

The primary committee would like to say a huge thank you to the Doha College community for all of the money that was raised over the last academic year. During the previous year, the committee managed to raise a huge amount through the activities listed below:

Harry Potter Quiz
Winter Concert donations
Personal committee members fundraising and personal donation
Movie night 
Sports day fundraisers
End of autumn term non-uniform day 
Reception Orange fruit and vegetable stall 
Primary Charity Committee MasterChef club 
End of spring term football fundraiser 
Fashion Show

This year, the committee has a LOT of plans. They have started with an ice cream sale and a quiz night across both campuses, and there are many other events in the pipeline.

Where is the money going?

The first charity to benefit from the committee’s efforts is ‘Building Schools Abroad Scheme’. This charity put Doha College in touch with the Amar Nepalese Primary School, located 25km from North Kathmandu and standing at a 1,510m elevation from sea level. DC has helped before with the building of a school in Nepal, and the summer before last some of the committee were fortunate enough to see the difference it has made to the people of that community. Afterwards, they felt it was necessary to continue the efforts to help others in a similar way. The current school that Doha College is helping in Nepal will include 10 classrooms and 8 teachers, and it will be built over a 3 year period. The committee are looking to raise the missing $10,000 needed over this year to help erect the school. Last year, they managed to raise $10,000 and they are confident that it can be done again.

The second charity chosen by the committee is based in Qatar and is called the ‘2nd Chance Rescue’. They do very important work helping stricken animals either to find new homes or to live on their own wonderful site. As you can imagine, they have a major task on their hands to try and help so many animals in need. Regularly, our committee go to visit the 2nd Chance Rescue and last year we donated QR17,000 to them.


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The School Council this year is represented by members from Year 1 to the 6th form across both campuses. We have a 75 member committee and we work in conjunction with each other whilst supporting a variety of causes. This term we have been focusing on our outreach to the community. So far we have supported Hamad Hospital with encouraging more organ donors in Qatar, we have taken part in supporting the Ministry of Qatar in an Anti-Bullying survey as well as being a part of supporting our local Al Saad Sports Club with one of their key games. 

We have also supported the FDC by working with them during their car boot sale on the 25th November which was a great success. Lastly, for this term, we provided our fantastic HOW Team and Security team with gifts from staff members and students alike. It was a wonderful initiative. 

The School Council aims to work a little closer to home next term and will be looking at ways to improve the standards and provisions of our School. One way of doing this will be through working with teachers and giving them more regular feedback on students views and opinions from inside the classroom and within the school as a whole. 

Please see our council members below and the staff team. 

We realise how important it is to build leadership skills and to listen to our students’ opinions, and to encourage this we offer leadership opportunities to our students throughout the school. These opportunities have grown and evolved over the years, and are currently organised into four bodies of students – some elected and some nominated, based on applications – who work under the guidance of staff members. Click on each to find out more about the worthwhile activities in which they are involved.


As parents, we all see first-hand how our children embrace technology from an early age and preparing children for this digital age is vital. One of the ways we do this at Doha College is through Digital Leaning. This digital initiative was introduced gradually a number of years ago and is now gearing up to a new level of integration across the curriculum, in line with our High Performance Learning approach.

Digital Learning is learning facilitated with technology and software tools. It is a practice that uses technology effectively to strengthen a student's learning experience, providing access to challenging content and opportunities for learning anytime, anywhere.

At Doha College, our main Digital Learning focus is to make the most effective use of our iPad Initiative and provide a collaborative and safe digital learning environment involving students, teachers and parents. We aim to enhance our curriculum by embedding digital techniques and practices into our teaching, by using technology that students are surrounded with in their everyday lives.

Primary Digital Learning - iChild

The iChild programme is a scheme where a child is appointed as the digital lead in each classroom, from Years 2 to 6. They are the first point of contact for their classmates to communicate and troubleshoot iPad issues. They meet regularly with the school's Heads of Digital Learning to convey iPad use in the classrooms and to disseminate the outcomes to their class.

Secondary Digital Learning - Digital Leaders

Within Secondary, our digital leaders chosen from our students initiate the digital learning journey amongst their classmates and collaborate with the iChildren in the Primary School. This is an exciting opportunity to encourage information sharing across year groups and campuses.

Recent events include the Hour of Code  and our Connected Families event with Vodafone.


Being a school in the middle of the desert with scarce natural resources means it’s vitally important we educate our students to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. All our students are encouraged to become members of our Eco Committee and to encourage other students to use sustainable practices and look after their environment.

Our Eco Committee led by our 6th Formers and staff have chosen paper recycling, plastic recycling and litter reduction as the key themes. A number of projects have been implemented including recycling bins throughout the whole school, a plastic bottle greenhouse, litter picking programmes, participation in Earth Hour and most importantly the incorporation of environmental issues into the curriculum for all students.

After two years of hard work and education, Doha College was the first school in Qatar to be awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education in 2016 following a vigorous inspection which looked into all the sustainable initiatives and projects being run by the school.

 Daniel Schaffer
I'd like to congratulate Doha College and all its students and teachers on their great achievement, and wish them continued success with their work in sustainability.
Daniel SchafferChief Executive Officer - Foundation for Environmental Education

Doha College strives to create a balanced curriculum which has breadth as well as depth. Within this holistic approach to the provision of education, an important element in a comprehensive curriculum is the provision of a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sporting, artistic, musical, cultural, literary, social and leisure activities. These activities are intrinsic to our mission of providing an inspiring and challenging learning environment which develops confidence, creativity and intellect based on the core values of: Excellence and Achievement, Respect and Integrity, Commitment and Responsibility, Challenge and Reward & Fun and Enjoyment.

Students are encouraged to become involved in the extra-curricular programme, and once they join an activity, continued attendance is expected. The majority of these classes are free, but there is a charge for some, such as sailing or golf, to cover the costs incurred.

In Primary, extra-curricular activities start in Year 1 and are held daily starting at 1.20pm. Activities in Secondary are held daily from Sunday to Thursday, normally from 1.30 pm onwards.

The extra-curricular activities change termly and a schedule can be found within the Parent Portal.

Every student who attends Doha College is a member of a House which encourages a whole school, community approach and allows students to meet students across all year groups who belong to their House. There are numerous House competitions throughout the year, focusing not only on co-curricular but on all areas of the curriculum.

There are 6 houses which are all mythical creatures.

House Name House Logo
Dragon – Green Dragon logo
Griffin – Red Griffin logo
Phoenix – Blue Phoenix logo
Roc – Purple Roc logo
Salamander – Orange Salamander logo
Unicorn – Yellow Unicorn logo


House points are awarded throughout the year, recognising not only for academic success but also recognising sporting achievement, effort, attendance and good progress.

In Secondary, house certificates are awarded for reaching a certain number of house points and distributed during year group assemblies. Certificates for excellence and the Governor’s award are awarded at whole school assemblies at the end of each term. In Primary, house certificates are awarded to students at weekly assemblies where their achievements are celebrated.

At Doha College, we realise how important building leadership skills and listening to our student’s opinions are, and we offer leadership opportunities to our students throughout the school. These opportunities have grown and evolved over the years, and are currently organised into four bodies of students – some elected and some nominated, based on applications – who work under the guidance of staff members. Click on each to find out more about the worthwhile activities in which they are involved.

Student Council -
Student Council
The Charity Committee -
The Charity Committee
The Big 6 -
The Big 6
Primary Leaders -
Primary Leaders

The International Award is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people worldwide, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world. To date almost 5 million young people from over 110 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities.

The International Award Association and International Secretariat are purely service and administration organisations with no direct responsibilities for the activities of the young people seeking to achieve an award. Their role does not extend to the actual operation of the award within a country. This is the responsibility of the relevant NAAs and IOs whose responsibility is to ensure the proper running and, together with the participants themselves, the safety of all award programmes operated by them.

The award is flexible and can be done by anyone aged 14–25 in their own time. Mental or physical ability or social circumstances should never be a barrier. Moreover, the individual chooses what activities to do depending on his or her interests and resources. If you are over 25 then do not despair! You too can get involved by becoming an award leader, the backbone of the award programme and the key to its success.

Award Levels

There are 3 levels of the award in which you can participate: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each successive level demanding increased participation time and commitment. You do not have to start at the Bronze level. If you are over 15 you can join directly at the Silver level or if you are over 16, directly at Gold.

Level Min Age Min Participation
Bronze 14 6 months
Silver 15 12 months
Gold 16 28 months

Award Sections

Section Details

To encourage a sense of responsibility to the community. The emphasis of this section is the regular giving of a service:

  • Community service projects
  • Conservation work
  • Voluntary service in hospitals or community homes
  • More specialised training such as lifesaving, first aid or rescue services
Adventurous journey

An enjoyable experience designed to cultivate a spirit of adventure and discovery; an understanding of the environment, and the importance of working together in a team with a common purpose.

The Adventurous Journey may be by foot, bicycle, boat or horseback, or alternatively it may be an equally challenging adventurous journey. Proper training and preparation, self sufficiency, self-reliance and the exploration of new surroundings are the key elements.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous then the Adventurous Journey Section could be fulfilled overseas, perhaps on an organised exchange with an award group from another country.


To encourage the development of personal interests and learn practical skills. There are over 200 hobby and vocational skills from which you can choose, such as photography, cacti growing, magazine production, and metal work.

Physical recreation

To encourage improved performance and physical fitness, participants are required to take part in some form of organised physical recreation and show individual progress. Most team and individual sports are included, such as football, athletics, archery, swimming and canoeing. The list is endless, depending on what appeals to you.

Residential project

For Gold level only. Intended to broaden your experience through living and working with others (who are not your everyday companions) over a period of five consecutive days.


How to Enrol

Students intending to take part in the Bronze Award in year 10 can enrol in June at the end of year 9. New students entering the Doha College can enrol at the start of the academic year in September.

Students wishing to participate in the Silver Award will have to have completed the Bronze Award if they attended the college in Year 10. Direct entry into the Silver Award may be available for 6th Form students only.

There is also the possibility for direct entry into the Gold Award. This is only eligible students in the upper 6th form.

Detailed information and enrolment forms for the International Award can be found on our parent portal

Doha College Model United Nations Club (DCMUN)

Model United Nations (MUN), which is a simulation of the United Nations, gives students from Doha College the opportunity to develop their communication skills, their responsibility and their knowledge of current affairs.

Students attend local conferences, where they participate in the role play alongside their peers from other Qatar schools, as well as internationally, on a regular basis. However, the peak of the MUN calendar is the DCMUN conference hosted by Doha College with many other schools participating. This attracts around 600 delegates from year 9 upwards, as well as other administration staff, student officers and directors. Doha College worked hard to become THIMUN affiliated, meaning that the conference has official connections to The Hague International Model United Nations, and ultimately, the United Nations. For DCMUN V, the 2012 Conference, schools travelled from UAE, Argentina and Brazil. MUN conferences are generally two or three days in length, featuring heated debates and interesting discussions, as well as providing countless opportunities for socializing. The most common form of participation is normally in the role of a delegate; the task for these students is to represent a country within their committee. Speaking in debates is not for the promotion of their own personal views but to represent the foreign policy of their delegation. They are expected to research the issues before coming to the conference in order to make the debates more engaging and thus find meaningful solutions to real world problems. Doha College students are helped in following the debate’s formal style by the training they receive in the months leading up to the conference. The MUN club offers a wide range of other opportunities for those taking part besides those of a delegate. Administration staff are tasked with the essential jobs that make the conference possible – from preparing committee rooms to distributing food. The conference press team prepare newsletters before, after and during the conference, and take photos and videos of the days’ proceedings. Student officers’ duties are to chair the debates and try and ensure all delegates participate so that all sides of an argument are heard. Since MUN naturally fosters a sense of responsibility and organisation, there are clear progression paths for those students who are committed to the club. In their final years, experienced students may be given the opportunity to become part of the conference’s executive team, and help plan the proceedings. The emphasis is always that students take the lead in organising the conference rather than staff. The ultimate aim of Model United Nations is to harness the skill of those taking part in terms of student leadership, co-operation, and public speaking. It gives the future leaders of tomorrow the chance to find their voice now. For more information please visit our website,

Students at Doha College have the unique opportunity to be part of one of the leading international school's not only in the Gulf but globally. With an emphasis on every student reaching their full potential, Doha College has a commitment to all students through its core values by providing a safe learning environment where students are challenged, achieve excellence and have fun.

Recognising the importance of academic excellence, careful attention is given to each individual students learning needs. Regular monitoring, tracking and mentoring of students, support their development from Foundation Stage to Year 11 and their transition into Years 12 and 13; known as 6th Form.

As part of our core values, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and take full advantage of the broad and balanced curriculum provided. The college offers a dynamic and varied extra-curricular programme which includes International Awards, Model United Nations, sport, music and drama as well as local and international trips.

Our house system engenders a generous spirit of commitment, responsibility and respect among students. A variety of house competitions and activities allows all students to participate as part of a team, leading to celebration of success.

The Doha College experience enables students to make a valued contribution to our global society, which is offered through a diverse range of activities highlighted on the right-hand side of this page.