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Doha College has a range of facilities that external organisations can hire. These are available in the evenings, over weekends and throughout the school holidays. Details of these facilities and the associated costs are available within the e-brochure on right panel.


Booking Enquiry

Please complete the form below.

To apply for the hire of College premises this form must be completed and will be submitted to the Health and Safety Manager at Doha College.

Before completing the form, please read carefully the Conditions of Hire. All information requested must be provided.

Please note:
  • All visitors will be expected to show an invitation or ticket on arrival (if applicable) or other means that they have genuine business at the College for your event otherwise they could be refused entry or delayed in entering the building. You will need to take this into consideration as part of your booking arrangements as the College is a secure building and we do not allow open access to the general public during main or low occupancy periods.
  • Parking is limited and not available within the College grounds.
  • Please be aware that any changes to the booking arrangements will not be accepted unless reasonable notice is provided.
  • Changes to any of the layout of rooms/areas must be agreed 24 hours in advance of the event.

General Conditions

  • Applications for the use of College premises must be made to the Facilities Manager.  The person signing the application will be deemed to be the Hirer, and must accept responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Conditions of Hire as set out below.
  • The College reserves the right to cancel any letting if the accommodation is required for another purpose.  In these circumstances, the Hirer will normally be reimbursed the hiring fee or offered equivalent accommodation on that occasion or on a future suitable date.
  • Any intention on the part of the Hirer to cancel a letting must be notified to the Facilities Manager as soon as possible.  The College reserves the right to charge a booking fee in the event of a cancellation.
  • The hirer will comply with all Health, Safety and Fire Policies and Procedures of the College.
  • The College operates a NO -SMOKING POLICY throughout the whole of its premises.  The hirer is advised to inform participants in any of their events of this policy and it will be expected to ensure that it is complied with.
  • The College shall indemnify the Hirer against any claims, costs, or expenses which may arise as a consequence of the provision of hiring due to any negligence or wrongful act by the College, its employees, servants or agents.
  • The Hirer shall indemnify the College against any claims, costs, or expenses which may arise as a consequence of the provision of hiring due to any negligence or wrongful act by the Hirer, its employees, servants, or agents.  The Hirer is advised to possess public liability insurance.
  • The College or any of its Authorised Officers shall for the purpose of inspection have right of access at all times to areas which are the subject of a letting.  Authorised Officers may take such steps as necessary, including the immediate termination of a meeting, entertainment, or other proceedings, to safeguard the property or reputation of the College and the safety of persons thereon.
  • The College may terminate any letting agreement with immediate effect should it be satisfied that there has been a failure to comply with any of these Regulations or any other action against the best interest of the College.
  • The College will not accept any changes to any of the booking arrangements unless reasonable notice is provided.  Changes to any of the layout of rooms/areas must be agreed 24 hours in advance of the event.


Purpose of Hire

  • Every person applying for the use of rooms shall specify the purpose for which they are required.  The College reserves the right to refuse or cancel a letting agreement if it deems the purpose of the hire to be inappropriate.
  • If the rooms are used for a purpose different from that for which they are taken, officers of the College may at any time put a stop to the entertainment, meeting or proceedings.
  • The premises shall NOT be used for any unlawful purpose.
  • If it is intended to organise a public performance or entertainment, or performance of music, singing or dancing to which members of the public are to be admitted, Hirers must consult with the Facilities Manager in advance to ensure that the premises are adequate for the purpose before submitting a firm application.



  • Hirers will be informed, at the time the application is approved, of the Hire Fee and any additional fees for the use of the facilities required.
  • Payment will be made in advance at the time when the letting is confirmed.  If the College incurs additional costs beyond those covered by the Hire Fee, for example if there is damage, or the need for the caretakers/cleaners to work longer than expected after the letting, the Hirer will pay any subsequent account sent by the College.
  • It should be clearly understood that the charges made for the facilities are inclusive of all payments to College staff from whom no additional services are to be asked by the Hirer.  No payment or gratuities of any kind should be made direct to College staff by the Hirer.


Supervision and Safety

  • The Hirer is responsible for providing supervision during the course of the letting and must satisfy the Facilities Manager that the arrangements being made are adequate.
  • The Hirer, or responsible person nominated by them in writing, shall be in charge of and be present upon the hired part of the premises during the whole time of the event.