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Friends of Doha College


Friends of Doha College is a parent-led volunteer initiative with the aim to build an inclusive and welcoming school community.

Through their events, FDC actively raises funds which are used to purchase additional resources and facilities enriching the educational experience and overall well-being for all students and the Doha College community. FDC also provides volunteer support at various school events throughout the year.

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If you are a Doha College parent who is interested in volunteering, please sign up below:

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Meet the team

I am deeply passionate about serving our community, and currently, I juggle my role at FDC alongside my work as a legal advocate for a Swiss-based NGO championing prisoners' rights and freedom of expression. I'm also working towards my LLM in International Criminal Law in London.
Drawing on my rich educational background from law schools in Egypt and England, I've been actively involved in the field of Public Law and Human Rights Law since 2009. My varied experience has allowed me to develop vital skills in networking, interpersonal relationships, and organisation. I believe these are essential to managing and coordinating our fantastic projects, events, and workshops at FDC.
In my role as Chair, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community involvement. I see the active participation of parents and students in FDC as a key ingredient that can truly enhance the learning environment for our pupils while nurturing a generous community spirit.
I warmly invite you to join us in our activities and gatherings as we strive to make FDC a dynamic hub connecting parents, the school, and pupils. Together, we can organise fun, educational activities and offer enrichment opportunities for all our students - both primary and secondary.
We are also keen on encouraging our students to engage in voluntary work within our school, helping them grow into active, responsible adults. I look forward to the shared experiences and achievements that await us.
Welcome to our vibrant community!

Dalia Lofty, Chair 

I am a proud parent of two wonderful children, both of whom are blossoming in the primary section of Doha College.
Five years ago, we made the leap from the UK to Qatar, embracing the Middle Eastern lifestyle with open arms and hearts, and it's safe to say we've fallen head over heels in love with it.
With a passion for travel, exploration, and making new friends, I am thrilled to bring my personal interests into this role. I hold an MS in Management Sciences and bring a wealth of experience in HR, research, and event management. My primary goal in joining FDC is to contribute to building a strong, happy, and vibrant Doha College community.
I am incredibly passionate about translating fun and challenging ideas into reality, creating delightful events, and crafting unforgettable memories that our children and their parents will treasure forever. I warmly invite you to join us on this journey as we create an even more welcoming and exciting atmosphere at Doha College.

Farah Sabih, Secretary

As a professionally trained architect with a Master's in Psychology, I've spent more than a decade designing public spaces, including hospitals and school campuses. Today, I continue my journey as an independent researcher exploring the critical impact of spaces on human psychology.

Both of my children, Nil and Cem, are in Primary at Doha College.

Since relocating to Qatar in 2019 from my hometown Istanbul, I've grown to appreciate the unique opportunity we have to experience and understand so many different cultures in this region. With this being my first international living experience after many years in the same city, I understand the challenges that come with adapting to a new life.

I believe wholeheartedly in the pivotal role the school-parent union plays in helping children and families acclimate to a country different from their own. This belief reinforces the critical role that FDC plays in the Doha College community.

Join me as we work together to further foster the welcoming and supportive environment at Doha College. Together, we can ensure our school remains a nurturing space that cherishes the diversity of its community. 

Gökçe Şancı, Marketing

Friends of Doha College are guided in their activities by a charter, which aims to provide information on the scope, purpose and general procedures which apply to all involved.

Tap below to peruse this document:

Charter for the Friends of Doha College

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