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The Doha College race has been in operation since 2011, with the first edition held at The Pearl, when 300 participants crossed the start line in a 10km competition. The race has grown significantly and took place for a few years in the Aspire Zone, home of the iconic Torch Hotel, Aspire Park, and other world-class sporting facilities. The latest race took place at night, at the spectacular Lusail International Circuit venue. The anticipated yearly event now offers both a 5km and 10km race, plus a children's 1km race, and attracts over 1,000 runners from the Qatar community and beyond. 

Highlights of the 2020 race

The ninth edition of the Doha College 10K and 5K Race was the fastest in its history, with both events for males clocking new race records. In an event full of firsts, the race introduced a children’s race over 1 km, in which nearly 150 children aged 6 to 11 competed for the trophy.

Ran at night for the first time, the race drew hundreds of athletes, from novice runners to decorated Olympians, including top international champion Liz McColgan. Another novelty for this edition was the track – the event took place for the first time at the spectacular Losail International Circuit, which offered top class facilities to both participants and supporters. It had not one, but two race records broken, by three athletes (see results below).
To see images from the January 2020 race, click/tap here.

Race Male 10K Time Female 10K Time
16 Jan 2020 Oussama Zeroual 00:30:22 Liz McColgan  00:39:53
16 Nov 2018 Andrew Jones 00:33:03 Rebeca Concannon 00:39:40
17 Nov 2017 Rachid Boudalla 00:32:54 Rebecca Botwright 00:38:10
12 Nov 2016 Andrew Jones 00:32:39 Liz McColgan  00:43:32
5 Dec 2015 Andrew Jones 00:32:09 Katie Palfreeman 00:39:04
31 Oct 2014 Andrew Jones 00:32:18 Rebecca Botwright 00:38:32
22 Nov 2013 Tom Whateley 00:34:32 Rebecca Botwright 00:38:07
16 Nov 2012 Richard Kanyugi 00:33:01 Rebecca Botwright 00:40:39
18 Nov 2011 Tom Whateley 00:36:02 Katherine Houston 00:42:50


Race Male 5K Time Female 5K Time
16 Jan 2020

AbdulAziz AlAbdi

Kojo Kyereme

00:15:00 Sole Dominguez 00:20:56
16 Nov 2018 Michael Douglas Ongeri 00:15:53 Natalia Wazny 00:19:02
17 Nov 2017 Kaito Komoriya  00:17:49 Katerina Matousova  00:20:29
12 Nov 2016 Michael Douglas Ongeri 00:16:17 Megan Dingle  00:18:28
5 Dec 2015 Nathan Riding 00:18:22 Ellie Walters 00:20:32
31 October 2014 Nathan Riding 00:17:01 Katia Bernhart 00:20:12
22 Nov 2013 Nathan Riding 00:15:42 Andrea Condie  00:20:34