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Doha College Medical Conference - Inspiring Medical Students

Launched in 2014 as the pioneering event of its kind in the state of Qatar, Doha College’s Medical Conference brings together secondary school students who share a passion for medicine. The conference is solely dedicated to offering a distinctive platform for aspiring young medics taking their initial strides toward a medical career. This event provides an opportunity for budding medical students to demonstrate their knowledge and in-depth research capabilities by presenting on the latest groundbreaking developments.

Keeping with Qatar’s 2030 National Vision, which clearly affirms a commitment to healthcare, Doha College is proud to be at the forefront of supporting students in Qatar with a similar vision. Together with COBIS – Council of British International Schools; and local partners Hamad Medical Corporation and Elite Medical Center, we support the National Vision by inspiring and equipping students, enhancing their skills and aiding them in the university application process for a career in the medical field.

Interested schools put forward teams from years 11, 12 and 13 to research recent developments in medicine and deliver a short presentation. Teachers from participating schools stand as judges for the morning session presentations, and the final judging panel will comprise doctors and medical experts who then assess and challenge the finalists in the afternoon session.

Doha College Medical Conference 2019

In the sixth edition of the medical conference, Doha College hosted 38 teams from nine participating schools who researched six set topics: hereditary and metabolic diseases; cancer; technology in medicine; radiological, pathological and diagnostic updates and epidemiology of infectious diseases.

The winners of Doha College Medical Conference 2019 were:

1st place

School: Al Khor International school

Students: Nassima Zerouali, Asmaa Modak and Safira Awanis

Topic: Hereditary and Metabolic Diseases

Presentation: The Silent Muscle Crippler

2nd place

School: Park House English School

Students: Toleen Masarweh, Wardah Shah and Nuhansa Wijesuriya

Topic: Hereditary and Metabolic Diseases

Presentation: Uncovering the mysteries of Parkinson's Disease

3rd place

School: Doha College

Students: Hisham Khan and Zakki Sarwar

Topic: Technology in medicine

Presentation: Regenerative Knee Surgery

Click here to see images from the event.

Doha College Medical Conference 2020

In the seventh edition of the medical conference, over 65 teams of students from 18 schools signed-up, including two schools from outside Qatar. This number is the highest in the history of the conference. Additionally, two new topics were introduced – Neuroscience and Psychiatry; and Oral Health.

The winners of Doha College Medical Conference 2020 were:

1st place

School: Park House English School

Students: Wardah Shan and Nuhansa Wijesuriya

Topic: Pharmacological Developments

Presentation: Preventing Tuberculosis using the pathogen

2nd place

School: Al Khor International School

Students: Amanda Cruz, Jessica Egoh and Nina Fouzi

Topic: Neuroscience and Psychiatry

Presentation: Down Syndrome

3rd place

School: Qatar International School

Students: Fatimah Zahra Olukade, Nour Darwish and Khadija Alizada

Topic: Technology in Medicine

Presentation: The role of wearable technological devices in managing diabetes

Click here to see images from the event.