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What is the International Award?

The International Award is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people worldwide, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. To date, almost 5 million young people from over 144 countries have been motivated to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging activities.

Who can take part?The award is designed to be flexible and accessible to individuals aged 14–25, allowing participants to complete it in their own time. Mental or physical ability, as well as social circumstances, should never be a barrier. Participants have the freedom to choose activities based on their interests and resources. For those over 25, there are still options: they can contribute by becoming award leaders, playing a crucial role in the success of the award programme.


For many students, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award can be life changing, as it gives them opportunities they never thought possible. Not only does the award give students an edge when applying for universities, it gives them the skills and confidence for a productive and prosperous future. 
Nadeem Faisal, International Award Coordinator

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is one of Doha College's largest co-curricular activities, with hundreds of students taking part in the three award levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold. With a dedicated team of staff volunteering their time, students have the opportunity to really put themselves outside their comfort zone. This is achieved by undertaking Adventurous Journeys (AJs) and acquiring new skills and experiences through other sections of the Award: Service, Physical Activity, Skills, and a Residential Project (Gold only). Expand the sections below to find out more.

Here are the thoughts of some of Doha College's DoE participants: 

My experience with the Duke of Edinburgh Award has been extremely positive and rewarding; I've been able to achieve goals I would never have considered before. I've been given the opportunity to support my community while also making personal progress. The Award allowed me to focus in areas like physical activity, creative skill and voluntary service. Personally, I’m pleased that I signed up for such an enlightening experience, as its impact will last a lifetime.
Zainab Zaheer, Year 10

So far, I have found that the DofE International Award is an informative yet fun experience where I am exploring activities and skills from a different perspective - working towards a SMART goal. The activity so far has enabled me to gain important organisational skills along with communication and role model-based skills from my voluntary service. In addition, I have gained excellent results in reference to the physical (strength and endurance training) component - which I have only obtained due to the motivation brought forward from the SMART goal that I am working towards. Overall, I am eager to procure the skills that will come from the Virtual Bronze Exploration, even though it is a bit unorthodox, I’m sure it will be carried out to a high standard giving us the illusion of being on the actual adventure journey. (e.d. this quote dates from the time time of the pandemic.)
Lillian Govender 10T1

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