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Another year concludes...

Another year concludes...

Dear parents,

Now that the academic year has come to an end, I am writing to thank you for your support throughout the year and to congratulate your children, our students, for having done so well. It has again been a very busy and highly successful year during which we underwent two successful accreditations, the COBIS Patron's Accreditation and the CIS Accreditation, and, most recently, the BSO iInspection. In all of those visits, the accreditors/inspectors commented on the exceptional calibre of learning and well as the purposeful and positive attitude of our students. For me as Principal of Doha College as well as for our staff and, you, as parents, this is be the best reward we can get at the end of an academic year.

 Saying Goodbye

Like every year, we have to say goodbye to a number of our students and staff who are moving on to pastures new. Being the tight-knit community we are, this is never easy, but we recognise that it is part and parcel of expat life.Doha College, as a British International School, is well adapted to these changes, also because our students and staff, who are staying, are so well versed in inducting new arrivals and integrating them into the community at speed.That in itself is a treasured skill which is part of the fine Doha College DNA.Let me wish all our students, who are leaving DC, all the very best for the future.

Wherever they may go, I am certain that the skills, knowledge and aptitudes they have learnt at Doha College will hold them in good stead and enable them to do very well in the years to come.

The biggest change will be within Primary. For the beginning of the next academic year, following Christine Walker's departure, you will find a few changes in the leadership and specific responsibilities at Doha College.

We will see the implementation of the first phase of the new Primary leadership structure. Up until the appointment of a new Senior Vice Principal- Head of Primary, Uzma Zaffar will be acting Senior Vice Principal Head of Primary.Nicola Meikle will be Assistant Principal Transition - Deputy Head of Primary. Reporting to them will be four Phase Leaders, 3 of them in newly created positions.

Details of the staff leaving and the new roles for both Primary and Secondary are all within the parent notices of our Parent Portal.

Term Dates

You will already have received the Term Dates for the academic year 2017- 2018.Some of the highlights, important dates not to forget, are listed below for your convenience.

Sunday 15th July to Wednesday 9th August – College closed to the public

Thursday 10th August - CIE results

Thursday 17th August- AS+ A Level results

Thursday 24th August - (l)GCSE results

Thursday 31st August to Tuesday 5th September - EidAl Adha - College closed to the public (subject to change)

Sunday 10th September – Term commences

Although the college will be closed for business over the summer, our offices will remain open to the public from8.00 am to 12 noon on our Al Waab Campus.The West Bay Campus will be closed for the duration of the summer.

From Sunday 15th July to Wednesday 9th August inclusive, the college will be completely closed for our summer maintenance work when we are planning to undertake refurbishment and upgrading works on both campuses.

Parent Survey

This year for the first time ever we asked parents' opinion on the service we provide,a process which will now be repeated biennially,l et me thank you all for taking the time to contribute. The results have now been processed by GL, the company we engaged to run the survey, and the Leadership Group as well as the Board of Governors have had an opportunity to discuss the outcome. While it was encouraging to see that so many of you are very happy with the education your children receive from Doha College, there were also a fair number of are as where you think we have room for improvement.

Considering the importance of your views, we have, on the basis of your returns, produced an action plan for the next two years, which will be incorporated in our college development plan. There will be a parent forum in the course of next term to discuss the outcome of the survey and the action plan as well as the timeline for completion.You will all get an invitation nearer the time.

While there is no need for concern, according to the recent up-date from the British Embassy, I would like to encourage you, given the current political situation in the GCC, to check the Embassy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Doha College's websites occasionally while on holiday.

Finally, let me wish you a well-deserved summer holiday.Wherever your travels may take you, I wish you a restful summer, and I am looking forward to seeing you back in August.

For those of you who are leaving, it is hopefully a bientot rather than adieu, for I very much hope that you will be able to stay in touch.

All the very best to you and Eid Mubarak.

Dr Steffen Sommer


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