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Flying Start Programme

Welcome to our brand-new ‘Flying Start’ programme, designed specifically for youngsters entering Foundation Stage 1 (FS1).  This bespoke school readiness initiative ensures that your child is thoroughly prepared for the start of the academic year.


Throughout May and June, your child, accompanied by you or a carer, is invited to join us weekly for structured stay-and-play sessions in a dedicated FS1 classroom. These sessions are crafted to help your child become familiar with FS1 routines and to engage in activities that foster creativity, independence, and confidence.


While your child is exploring and learning in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops conducted by our extensive team of experts.

While these sessions are optional, we strongly encourage your child’s participation. Becoming acquainted with the FS1 environment and routines can significantly enhance school readiness.


For families currently abroad who cannot attend the onsite sessions, we will ensure that a digital familiarisation photobook is shared with you before the term ends to help ease your child’s transition at the start of the academic year.


As educators, we recognise that your child settles and learns best when they feel safe, secure, and prepared for changes. This is particularly pertinent in the post-pandemic era. The ‘Flying Start’ programme, led by our highly experienced Early Years and broader school Leadership teams, allows your child to spend time within the FS1 setting before the academic year begins. It also provides you with the opportunity to hear from leading experts in Early Years education within the region's foremost British curriculum school.Danielle Price, Primary Deputy Head - Pastoral