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Principal's Welcome

Martin George, Interim Principal at Doha College

It has been a turbulent time for schools and students over the past two years. As we emerge from the most restrictive elements of COVID-19 regulations, we can look forward to seeing the very best features of the Doha College community once again to the fore. It is community which makes Doha College such a special place. Staff, students and parents share a commitment to the greater good of the community, striving for individual success, but at the same time supporting one another and valuing the achievements of all. Students at the College, supported by our outstanding teaching and support staff, are encouraged to aim high in all that they do. Our status as an accredited High Performance Learning School is a testament to the importance of setting high standards and striving for continuous improvement.

We believe that our students should develop a strong, values-based character. Values are the foundations of a school, the spirit and the ethos which bind a community together. Here at Doha College we encourage our students to be humble, taking pride as much in the achievements of others as they do in their own successes. We urge students to display loyalty, to each other, to the College and to our values. We want students to develop resilience and have the ability to meet and overcome challenges with confidence and discretion. Character stems from the ability to live by a set of values. Through this, our community is strong and each individual is valued.

Martin George
Interim Principal

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