A Very Successful First Round of Grade Reports

A Very Successful First Round of Grade Reports

Our first grade reports for this academic year were issued today and they didn't disappoint!! 46 students across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 were recognised for achieving excellent effort grades. In 6th Form or Key Stage 5 this includes excellent effort grades in every subject, also a real achievement and an excellent start to the academic year.


We caught up with the Key Stage Leaders as they meet with their students.

"Congratulations to all those students in Key Stage 3, you have made an excellent start to your studies." Mr Nick Croker, Key Stage 3 Leader

"Well done to all my Key Stage 4 students, you are very hardworking and this has been rewarded today. Keep up the good work please." Mrs Jennifer Stokes, Key Stage 4 Leader

"I am delighted with the efforts my Year 12s have made so far this academic year. What a great start to Year 12." Mrs Naomi Capewell, Head of Year 12

"As a very proud Head of Year 13, we have an amazing 17 students achieving excellent effort grades in all their subjects" Miss Eleanor Thomson

Congratulations to all students who have been recognised as excelling today.

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