500 Words Story Competition

500 Words Story Competition

A few weeks ago, you may remember, a call was put out for all young writers at Doha College to impress us with their original 500 words stories. The organisers were soon buried under a mountain of entries, and reading themselves out of it was no easy task. After much discussion, debating and deliberating, Mrs Briggs picked three of the best stories submitted by each year group, and they were written by:

Year 2

1st – Yusuf Wali from Year 2 Blue

2nd – Enayah Ahmed from Year 2 Yellow

3rd – Ziyad Ali from Year 2 Orange

Year 3

1st – Aatika Khalid from Year 3 Red

2nd – George Petrus from Year 3 Red

3rd – Mariam Mostafa from Year 3 Green

Year 4

1st – Erin Kim from Year 4 Purple

2nd – Faris Shamma from Year 4 Red

3rd – Aadwika Kulshrestha from Year 4 Orange

Year 5

1st – Abigail Glendinning from Year 5 Green

2nd – Mischa Keshwala from Year 5 Green

3rd – Lois Nelson from Year 5 Green

Year 6

1st – Maryam Haddad from Year 6 Purple

2nd – Shriya Mishra from Year 6 Blue

3rd – Mariam Elantably from Year 6 Purple

Talking about the many stories she read in order to decide the winner, organiser Mrs Briggs told us: "I was overwhelmed by the quality and originality of the imaginative stories that were entered for our first ever five hundred word story-writing competition. My job as head judge was extremely difficult, as the number of entries in each year group was significant. Congratulations to all the deserving winners. It was a pleasure reading each and every story!"

While on a high from all this writing, Year 4 pupils took part in the recent BBC live lesson on how to write a 500 words story, learning tips from the best authors who have worked on movies and TV series. All Year 4 pupils then got to write a story, including those who had not entered the competition.

Yusuf Wali, our youngest winner aged just 6, was excited to share that "the age of my hero is 16. The story came to me just like that, but I had to keep it short. I really love dinosaurs, and I am proud that I won the competition."

You can read for yourself the winning stories embedded below, and you will be in good company doing so, as Doha College VIPs (read Principal, Head Teachers and Assistant Principals) will also read them – in their best voices and expressions – to all primary students at the next Head Teacher's Awards Assembly.

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