Student Services

Student Services at Doha College provides administrative, academic and pastoral support for our students from when the first application is submitted, through the entrance testing and admissions process, whilst a student is enrolled at the college to when they leave the college to extend their education elsewhere. The Student Services Team includes the Admissions Officer, Heads of Key Stage, Heads of Year, Form Tutors, House Coordinator, Heads of House, After School Activities Coordinator, Student Services Administrator, School Councilor, Secondary School Nurse, Careers and University Guidance Counsellor and College Librarian.

Contacting the Staff at the College

Doha College recognises and promotes the importance of timely communication between home and college to fully support our students. If parents have any questions relating to their son or daughter's progress or welfare they should contact their Form Tutor, via email in the first instance. The Form Tutor sees the students in their care each morning and is the best person to offer support and guidance. If the nature of the enquiry is academic the Form Tutor will liaise with the student's teachers or put them in direct contact with the parents. If the nature of the enquiry is medical they will pass it forward to the Secondary School Nurse and if the nature of the enquiry falls outside their scope of responsibility or understanding they will involve the Head of Year or Head of Key Stage in its resolution. Form Tutors (or any other member of staff) can be contacted via the Staff page.

Lockers and Valuable Items

Whilst the school has now started the introduction of iPads we would still request  students not to bring valuables to college, including mobile phones, iPods/MP3 players, electronic games and large sums of money. With the possible exception of mobile phones, (although it is always possible for students to make important telephone calls from the Student services Office), these items are not needed and the college can take no responsibility for their damage or loss. For security reasons a locker is provided to any student who requests one at no charge and we strongly encourage parents to avail themselves of this service. Each student will need to bring a small padlock to secure their locker.

Medical Services

The Primary and Secondary sections at Doha College both employ a fully trained School Nurse during school hours. The nurses' function is to support and treat students who injure themselves and/or display symptoms of illness. In most cases, for minor complaints, a student will be assessed, receive treatment and return to class after a period of observation. If the complaint is more serious parents will be contacted and a child may require collection from school if they cannot comfortably or safely return to lessons. Due to the nature of the college environment and close proximity of students illnesses can be transmitted very rapidly. Following Supreme Council of Health guidelines, in response to H1N1 influenza, we are required to isolate and send home any student presenting with a temperature of 38C or higher and flu-like symptoms. For the same reasons we will send home students with repeated vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Thank you for your support in this respect.

Inter Campus Transfers

Due to the high numbers that we are currently experiencing on the general transfer list from the West Bay campus to the Al Waab campus, this list is temporarily being closed. Requests on the general transfer list date back to April 2013 and due to the limited turnover of students from the Al Waab campus, we have not been able to action as many of these requests as we would have liked. The general transfer list will reopen once the majority of existing requests have been accommodated.

The transfer list is still open to siblings and the priority sibling transfer list will continue to operate as usual. 

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work through all the existing transfer requests.

Inter Campus Transfers Guide

Leaving Doha College

Under the terms of the Fee Regulations, written notice of withdrawal of a student must be given at least 5 weeks before the end of the last academic term attended by the student (excluding holidays).

If no such notice is given, a half terms fees will be payable in lieu of the notice and any leaving documentation will not be released until such fee is paid.

All Leaving Notifications must be sent in writing to the Admissions Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and must specify the last day that the student plans to attend school.

Upon receipt of the Leaving Notification, Admissions will inform all other departments and confirm receipt of the leaving notice to the parents. The Accounts office will contact parents closer to the actual leaving date with details on how the refundable deposit can be collected.

Admissions will issue a Leaving Certificate for each student at least 10 days prior to the leaving date and a copy of this will be provided to the Ministry of Education.

The Admissions department is often able to assist parents with the transition between schools by administering entrance tests or coordinating references for the school that the student would move to. To coordinate these requests, parents can contact the admissions office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There is charge of QR 500 per child involved to administer tests on behalf of other schools.

Leaving Reports:

Primary: For all primary year groups, a leavers report can be issued upon request. Please allow up to two weeks for the leavers report to be issued.

Secondary: For all secondary year groups, the leaving report will be the last grade report that the student has received.