Student Council

'Excellence for all, Excellence from all’, Doha College’s School Council aims to further develop and maintain the standard of excellence within our school in this new academic year. With 2 representatives from each Form Group, in years 7 to 13, a clear pathway in fulfilling the aim of excellence has already begun to develop from the first official meeting.

Over recent years the Student Council has designed and amended two documents, a constitution and an Anti-bullying policy, which then lead on to the implementation of a confidential mailbox known as the ‘bully box.’ Furthermore, there were actioned proposals in improving the appearance and cleanliness of the college toilets and to provide shading outside the college at the pick-up/drop-off area.

This year we hope to build on the successes of the previous years and give even more weight to the “student voice” at Doha College. During meetings, members are always bursting with inventive ideas and constructive improvements that supply benefits in our schooling lives. For example in Key Stage 3, many students felt the need for clear and colour coded school maps so that new students will be able to attend lessons without problems of being lost. Projects of improving school uniform and tuck-shop food are the most popular in discussions along with innovative ideas of creating bold and trendy artwork of the school core values around the campus. The council last year had already pushed forward and changed a part of the uniform policy, brought up the idea to the school Leadership Team for a student counsellor and created surveys to improve the quality of the food served in our tuck-shop.

Anything can be done with the support of the whole student body – together the School Council hopes for an eventful and successful year!