The Science Faculty at Doha College offers Biology, Chemistry and Physics Advanced Level Modular courses. Pupils with a background in both Separate Sciences and Double Award Science are able and are encouraged to study Advanced Level Sciences at Doha College. We follow Edexcel International specifications. Each Department has a Subject Leader with direct responsibility for all aspects of their subject area.

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The courses we offer are designed to enable pupils to study Science in higher education; to take up a scientific career or to provide a basis for other careers and life in today's highly scientific and technological world. Whichever path our pupils choose it is our philosophy to provide a scientific education to the highest standards to prepare and equip them appropriately.

The Aims of the Science Department

The Science Department shares the responsibility for the overall holistic education of the student. These can be thought of as broad aims and would include:

• Assisting students to develop a better understanding of the world in which they live.
• Helping students recognise and solve their own problems.
• Giving students the opportunity to improve their personal relationships.
• Encouraging students to develop their communication skills.
• Providing opportunities for students to develop ICT skills
• Preparing students to take a full part in society.

The Science Department maintains a commitment to pursue the following aims in addition to the above:

• To develop a life-long interest in and enjoyment of science.
• To give an understanding of the science relevant to pupils’ interests, environment and future career and leisure needs.
• To develop thinking along the lines of scientific methodology and encourage problem solving.
• To provide a wide range of practical experiences and to develop practical skills.
• Should they so wish, students will, on successful completion of their courses, be in a position to pursue continuing and higher education.
• All appropriate books, materials and equipment will be provided and student assessment (formative, summative and self-assessment) will be closely monitored.
• The content of the science curriculum should be part of a coordinated whole school curriculum.
• To incorporate the Doha College core values in our teaching.