Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behaviour.

People have developed into very complex and dynamic individuals. We demonstrate a wide range of behaviours and actions which, both positively and negatively, influence the world that we live in. There is no surprise that many of us are fascinated by this and want to know why.

The aim of Psychology is to conduct scientific research which can answer some of this questions. It attempts to provide greater understanding and application of our knowledge into human behaviour to benefit the health, well-being and performance of people in society.


The A-Level course is a challenging two-year linear programme where students will consider the rigorous demands of conducting psychological research. Students are introduced to a wide variety of research, theories and issues impacting on contemporary human behaviour.


There is a large emphasis on biological science and mathematics which should not be underestimated in the research methods unit.


Selected topics covered in the first year include research methods, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, psychopathology and social psychology including phobias, child attachment and memory. The students also complete sections on the approaches to psychology, bio-psychology and research methods.


In the second year students will continue with research methods and consider the fundamental issues and debates that underpin the discipline, (such as nature v nurture and reductionism v holism). They will also learn about research and theories from a selection of topics in typical, atypical and anti-social human behaviour including relationships, schizophrenia and aggression.


There is a requirement for excellent written and literacy skills to succeed in psychology.  A commitment to extensive independent study and regular assessment is required as the large amount of content is not only interesting but challenging.


Psychology is assessed by three written examinations at the end of the two-year course. There is NO course work assessment or modular examinations.

Students study the AQA linear A-Level Psychology Specification.