Music - Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Our after-school instrumental and vocal teaching programme requires specialist input, which is provided by a team of talented and dedicated visiting teachers committed to providing expert tuition for students wishing to develop their musical interests and talents beyond the school curriculum. These teachers play a vital role in supporting the work of the Music Department. They strengthen and augment the quality and range of music provision within the school. Their role compliments and enhances that of the classroom music teacher, intensifying and broadening musical experiences for instrumentalists.

Learning in and through instrumental music opens the door for young people to nurture:

  • a love and understanding of music;
  • a wide range of individual skills (reading, technical, interpretive, communicative, physical and critical);
  • sensitive and imaginative response;
  • self-confidence, self-respect, self-reliance and self-expression;
  • co-operation, commitment, team-work, interdependence and loyalty;
  • a sense of discipline, initiative, purpose and achievement;
  • the ability to concentrate upon and coordinate several tasks at once;
  • an empathy towards the working of the creative process in other arts.

Violin ▪ Viola ▪ Cello ▪ Flute ▪ Clarinet ▪ Saxophone ▪ Trumpet ▪ French Horn ▪ Trombone ▪ Piano ▪ Voice ▪ Guitar ▪ Keyboards

Lessons take place after school hours in the secondary music department and in most cases last for 30 minutes. Where students are performing at advanced levels longer sessions may be offered.

Students obviously require access to an instrument for practice; those who do not possess their own may wish to consider hiring from the Music Department. All of our instruments are in excellent working condition. With the exception of pianos, guitars and keyboards, all of the above instruments are available for hire.

If your son/daughter is interested in learning to play an instrument please contact the secondary music department as soon as possible. You will then receive detailed information regarding lesson fees, payment methods and hire schemes.