Doha College has a vibrant, thriving music department, offering a rich variety of structured and challenging musical experiences, both within and beyond the curriculum.

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The department is housed in its own dedicated, two-story block. It features one large teaching/recital room, a second classroom, 4 instrumental teaching/practice rooms, a computer room containing 10 computers with music software, and one recording studio/band room.

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Year 7 students performing their composition; Key Stage 3 Music Curriculum Concert, June 2010

Students at all levels are encouraged to develop individual and ensemble performing skills, to deepen their listening and analytical skills and to create and compose with confidence and courage. Within the classroom, units of work are planned in line with National Curriculum, Edexcel GCSE and A level specifications; they ensure continuity, progression and skill development at every level. The musical development of our students is supported beyond the classroom by a comprehensive extra-curricular programme, opportunities for individual instrumental and vocal lessons, and an exciting variety of performance opportunities including annual concerts and recitals, competitions and musical/dramatic productions.

It is our abiding aim to encourage students of all ages and abilities to broaden their musical horizons, explore their potential, discover their talents and challenge their individual capabilities within a supportive, stimulating and inclusive environment.