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The Department is staffed by a group of highly qualified and extremely dedicated individuals who work collaboratively to ensure that the language learning experience of every student is stimulating, challenging, worthwhile and enjoyable. The levels of commitment and professionalism of the team are key motivational factors in securing ongoing academic excellence.

Within the curriculum, the department offers French, Spanish, German and Arabic from Key Stage 3 to A Level as well as Arabic for native speakers. The department is well-resourced with modern and vibrant textbooks as well as creatively produced in-house materials. ICT plays a vital role in the implementation and methodologies of all the courses delivered by the department and in support of our international links.

The Department of Languages at Doha College believes to be at the core of the curriculum provision and its international dimension means that we strive for every student to speak at least one foreign language to an intermediate level. Without a doubt communication is the key to the advancement of a comprehensive understanding of people, cultures and societies that share common moral values such as respect, tolerance and justice. Communication breaks down barriers and eliminates fear of differences, promoting diplomacy and advocating peace. It helps to enrich the appreciation of human diversity in our multicultural and multilingual world.

To immerse students in the environment that inspires their language acquisition we provide a range of life changing, exciting and real opportunities where students can use, reinforce and develop their classroom learning experiences through after college clubs, events that transcend the whole College and establishing and sustaining links with schools and colleges overseas all of which will enrich the learning experiences of every student. We also aim to give all students at the College the opportunity to visit overseas countries to practise and develop, and complement their language experience.

The Languages Department at Doha College provides a ground breaking and innovative Languages curriculum experience at Doha College unlike any other in the country. Not only do students develop their communicative and linguistic skills and cultural knowledge but we also work to develop project based learning, peer assessment and using new technologies as teaching and learning tools in and outside of the classroom. We ensure that every lesson is equipped with cultural richness and promotes students’ independent learning through a skillful way of accessing online learning. We aim to provide students with interesting lessons where they are enthusiastic about managing their learning personally and ,thus, achieving further, beyond of what they thought they could.

We aim for all our students to have a practical languages experience that - being real, exciting and engaging- it opens their eyes to personal and work opportunities within their reach. “Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meiner Welt” (“The limits of my language are the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittgenstein) – in Doha College we equip our students with language skills that open the world to them.

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