Media Studies

The media sector is rapidly developing in the in the 21st Century due to the effects of digitisation and the need to satisfy an ever-increasing customer demand for choice. Media Studies is a truly contemporary subject, which is relevant to all our pupil’s lives.

The CIE A Level and AQA GCSE Media Studies courses are interactive and engaging, giving students the chance to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media, encourage an understanding of how to use key media concepts to analyse media products and the opportunity for hands-on practical work.

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Students will manage projects, developing pre-production and planning skills, production skills such as photography, filming, editing and desktop publishing, and evaluation skills.

While it is an enjoyable subject, Media Studies is also intellectually challenging and students are expected to be able to construct analytical essays, applying relevant concepts.
DC Media Studies students benefit greatly from a range of extracurricular media opportunities. For example, many students have worked for the school magazine, The Majlis, as editors, writers, photographers and designers. Students have also won prizes at the THIMUN film festival, a documentary film competition that attracts entries from around the world.

The Media department is growing at Doha College and numbers for both GCSE and A Level are healthy. The department is well resourced, with a dedicated Apple Mac suite, a number of DSLR cameras and studio photography equipment.

Media Studies provides a good foundation for further study of Media. It is a great choice for people considering a career in the media, including media production, new media, advertising and marketing. Equally, it is valuable for students who may not want to pursue a career in the media, as it develops the 21st Century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) needed in order to succeed in the information age.