How can we help?

Identification of learning needs:

As previously stated the Learning Support department supports a very wide range of students, not only the students with identified learning difficulties. We work very closely with subject teachers to ensure that appropriate provisions are made for students within the classroom setting. If the student already has identified learning needs then these provisions and suggestions will be documented in each student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP) developed in order to address their unique learning needs.
If a teacher has any concerns about a child’s progress they are able to contact the learning support team to share their concerns. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis and if it is deemed necessary parents will be contacted and an IEP will be created. Equally, if you as a parent have any concerns you are more than welcome to contact the Head of Learning Support to share these.

Learning Support Provision:

Support may be provided in the following ways:

  • In-class support: A Learning Support Assistant (LSA) will be deployed to support students in lessons in a variety of ways to help engage the students and help them to progress. This support is targeted at individual students or small groups but is not limited to these students.
  • Individual extraction: If a student is finding a particular topic or concept difficult to understand, the LSA may be required to take the student to a different location and go through the work at a different pace or in a different way.
  • Small group extraction: The LSA may work with a small group of students in the learning support classroom, or another alternative space, in order to support students who may have similar needs. Again, this support is not limited to students with learning difficulties.
  • Regular consultations with teachers and parents: This type of support is only available for students who have identified learning difficulties, or for those who we are monitoring
  • After school support: this is open to any student from Doha College between 13.30 and 14.00 Monday to Thursday. In this time students can receive help with their homework, have a chat about school work, get help with their revision and anything else that they may be finding difficult.

Our Learning Environment:

With thanks to funding from the Friends of Doha College, we were able to improve our learning area through purchasing soft furnishings, making the room a safe, calm and comfortable environment for students to receive support. This learning area is used for individual support and group support, with many students from across the College benefiting from this space. The room is also used by our School Counsellor, Mrs Kathy Swords, for the student mentoring programme.