Geography - Field Trips

Doha College Geography Fieldwork Programme

Doha College offers an extensive fieldwork programme for all year groups with the exception of, Year 11 and Year 13.

We fully believe in developing students’ practical skills. It is essential that students understand how and where data comes from; how to present, describe, analyse and evaluate that data in the form of a concise but detailed report. These group work tasks and independent learning skills are important and highly valued by universities and employers and this is one aspect that makes geography an important option choice.

“Geography without fieldwork is like science without experiments”.


Year 7 Geography Shopping Patterns Fieldtrip

Year 7 students visit The Centre and Landmark shopping centres to carry out a variety of data collection methods; environmental surveys, pedestrian counts, and complete an advanced statistical technique called the “nearest neighbour index analysis”.

The data collected is then used to decide if “Large shopping centres offer more than a wide range of shops, they offer a shopping experience”. 

body geography-ftrip-y7

Quotes from Year 7 Students

  • 'I enjoyed learning new geographical skills'
  • 'I really enjoyed the trip, especially lunch!'
  • 'It was awesome'
  • 'I learnt that you need to organise your time well'
  • 'My data shows Landmark offers a shopping experience'
  • 'I learnt that you need to organise your time well'
  • 'I learnt that Landmark has lots of pedestrians and that people like to relax there'

Year 8 Geography Deserts Fieldtrip

A student quoted. “We went to the Singing Dunes to investigate the Barchan sand dunes and the Qatari desert environment. We became familiar with equipment such as callipers, ranging poles, anemometers, clinometers and compasses. We learnt practical skills that enabled us to collect data to present a cross section of the dune.

In addition to the many things we learnt, we had a dune jumping competition. Overall it was an enjoyable, exciting and educational day”. 

body geography-ftrip-y9 

Quotes from Year 8 Students

  • 'Amazing dune jumping competition'
  • 'I want to be an engineer and this helped develop my practical skills'
  • 'Nice to learn about the environment we see every day'
  • 'I didn’t know the dunes moved up to 30 m a year '

body geography y9-desert-ftrip 

Year 10 Controlled Assessment

The controlled assessment is worth 25% of the GCSE and most students do extremely well. Every year this field work changes and we have taken the students to the following places 

body geography 100 body geography 100
 The Souqs to investigate how migration influences an area.  The school to investigate how buildings influence the microclimate
body geography 100 body geography 100
 The mangroves to see how a harsh environment affects the biodiversity  The coast to investigate how coastal processes act on a beach

Sixth Form Fieldtrip to the UK/Cyprus and a potential trip to Iceland June 2015

An important part of the A Level Geography course is for the students to have the opportunity to experience high quality fieldwork/research activities in preparation for the Geographical Skills examination paper at the end of Year 12. In previous years, visits to the Field Studies Centres in Cyprus and the UK have taken place, both have been extremely successful and beneficial for the students. As well as developing practical skills, we have also gone rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, visited Thorpe Park, the London eye and other big tourist destinations in London.