Geography - Careers

Geography, not only useful, but inspiring.

Geography is not just for those who want to explore distant shores, but encourages many people to look more at the world they live in and inspires them to see and understand what is out there.

Employers value the wide-ranging and contemporary topics covered through a geography course. Computers, research, planning and analytical skills that geography students gain place them in good hands when planning careers, applying for colleges or searching for jobs.

So what can you do with a geography background?

The people around the side have all either studied or been inspired by geography and the world around them. Could your picture be up here in a few years time?

Geography image

There are literally 100's of jobs Geography can open doors to. Employment opportunities where your geographical skills will be particularly valued include those listed here, and these are just the tip of the iceberg!

  • ICT
  • Urban planning
  • Business management
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Exploration
  • Leisure
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Journalism and the media
  • Environmental management
  • Political analysis
  • Marketing
  • Economic planning
  • Disaster administrator
  • Engineering
  • Legal services
  • Risk assessor
  • Oil companies
  • Civil service
  • Trade