Fee Schedule

Our 2017/2018 fees are currently under appeal and we hope to confirm the final fee schedule as soon as we are able.

Fee Schedule for the Year 2016-2017


Fee Details


Pre-School - Year 6


Year 7 -11

6th Form

Year 12-13

Tuition Fees-Autumn Term 12,325  20,992  22,397
                 -Spring Term 12,325 20,992  22,397
                 -Summer Term 12,325 20,992  22,397
Annual Capital Charge*    8,000   5,000   5,000
Yearly Fee  44,975  67,976  72,191
Applicable to New Students Only      
Registration Charges**   3,650   3,650   3,650
Refundable Deposits***  10,000  10,000  10,000


* Payable per student each year along with the autumn term fees or the term in which the student starts.
** A non-refundable, one-off fee for every child enrolling with Doha College

***The "Refundable Deposit" is applicable to every new student offered a place at Doha College . This will be fully refunded on leaving, providing that all fees and other charges due to Doha College are paid at that time and 5  weeks notice of withdrawal are given prior to the end of the last academic term attended by the student (excluding holidays).

Due Dates

TermDue date
Spring Term 8 December 2016
Summer Term

30 March 2017

Autumn Term 8 June 2017

Additional Notes