Extra Curricular Activities

Doha College is committed to raising student academic achievement, but, recognising the value of a broad education, also offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to reach their potential in as many areas as possible. The extra-curricular programme is an integral part of college life and we encourage all students to actively involve themselves in as many events as possible.

Activities in secondary are held daily from Monday to Thursday, normally from 1.30 pm onwards, and all teaching staff participate. In primary they run from Monday to Thursday from 1.20 pm onwards.

Students are encouraged to become involved in the extra-curricular programme, and once they join an activity, continued attendance is expected. The majority of these classes are free, but there is a charge for some, such as sailing or golf, to cover the costs incurred. A range of activities includes both sporting and non-sporting activities.

Guidelines for Primary Extra Curricular Activities

If you would like your child/children to attend a club we must emphasise that this is a commitment and regular attendance is required. Our activities will commence at 1.20pm and finish at 2.20pm. I would be obliged if you could therefore read the following carefully before signing your child for the activity they have chosen.

  • Activities will commence the week beginning Sunday 17 April 2016 and will finish the week commencing Sunday 29 May 2016.
  • In the event that clubs are oversubscribed, it may be necessary to restrict the number of activities children attend. Please note, once your child has been allocated their club there will be no further opportunity to change.
  • Your child should be collected promptly at the stated time that the club finishes. If there are two occasions where your child is recorded as being collected late they will be unable to continue with the club. Late pick up of children will be taken extremely seriously.
  • Your child will need to bring an extra snack and most importantly an extra drink on the day of their club. They will eat in their classroom at 1.10pm.
  • If you have a child who does not have a club on the same day as their sibling, arrangements should be made for that child to be collected at the normal end of school time of 1.10pm. We do not have facilities or resources to look after any child who is not included in a club.
  • In the event of an activity not taking place due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e weather, staff sickness etc, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity.
  • For PE Activities - School PE kit and appropriate footwear (no black soles) should be worn at all times and long hair should be tied up and no jewellery worn.

The sporting clubs that Doha College Primary offers are aimed at providing children with a source of enjoyment and participation in sport. It is also an opportunity for them to extend their knowledge and skills further in a particular game or discipline. Children who demonstrate exceptional skill and commitment in a particular sport may well be selected for competitive events during this academic year.

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