Drama - Extra Curricular


We encourage students to participate in the school show that takes place every year. The rehearsal period is over three months and rehearsals can be incredibly rigorous, including afterschool sessions and even weekends. The shows are a great success and a chance for us to showcase the students' talent to the public.

Richards Rampage

On December 15, 30 Drama, English and Media students from Doha College were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in Richards Rampage 2011. Only 38 schools worldwide have been chosen to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity and we were one of them! For the occasion we had Richards Rampage 2011 t-shirts printed which the KSF loved!

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey played the role of Richard in Shakespeare’s Richard III for two performances at the Qatar National Convention Centre. The DFI has also partnered with the Kevin Spacey Foundation to offer acting workshops to two local schools as part of its inaugural flagship project "Richard’s Rampage," an initiative spanning 11 countries and three continents.

The workshop began with a short performance created by acclaimed UK writer / director John Nicholson that will introduce Richard III in an engaging, highly physical and accessible way. The students will then worked with two experienced facilitators, Anne and Johnny,  to develop their physical theatre skills and gain an understanding of the key characters and ideas of Richard III through learning a choreographed piece of physical theatre. The footage of the workshop has been tuned into a short film for each country visited and a documentary linking the work of students around the world and can be seen on YouTube.

After watching the fantastic production of Richard III the students went to Qatar Academy, where we met the legendary Kevin Spacey for a question and answer session. Lots of questions were asked for example, who is your inspiration and how do you get into character? For everyone there, Mr. Spacey truly was their inspiration and everyone fought to stand next to him when the time came to pose for photographs!

It really was an unforgettable experience and we are really grateful to The Kevin Spacey Foundation for giving us the opportunity to work with them!

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Here are some images of the productions and fund raising events from the last few years:

Bugsy Malone 2015

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Threepenny Opera 2014

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Grease 2013

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Daisy pulls it off 2012

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Blood Brothers 2011

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