Design & Technology - 6th Form

Year 12

Each student undertakes a design and make project, the themes of which are decided upon by the students and their clients. The coursework part of the course is worth 50% of the overall AS grade (25% of the A Level), with the other 50% (25% of the A Level) made up by the end of year exam. During the year, a series of theory lessons are integrated into the coursework structure enabling the students to cover the specifications set by the board at the time that is relevant to their projects. The single, two hour examination, tests the students on materials, components and application.

Year 13

This year follows a similar pattern, with each student choosing a project of their own interest. This is designed to stretch the students to their individual levels, whilst designing and making a project that is marketable and/or suitable for production in industry. The coursework is worth 25% of the A Level, with a single two hour exam making up the final 25% of the overall mark.

All students are directed to find real clients for whom they will research, design and develop a practical and realistic marketable product.