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Having met the "Big 6", the team of 6th-formers who represent the Secondary School student body, you are now invited to meet the Primary School students Representatives, recently elected in their roles. They are our head boys and head girls (one team for each campus), namely Heri Kiprop Ng'eno and Hazel Carter in West Bay, and Rayek Abdo and Kiana Crane in Al Waab.

Alongside other worthy candidates for the job, these four students put their proposals in front of all Key Stage 2 students, the majority of whom then trusted them with their votes. Their new roles will see them representing Doha College at events outside the school, acting as the primary students' voices, helping organise events and liaising with the Leadership Group in matters concerning the collective interests of the students. In their own words, here is how they feel about their new opportunity:

Heri Kiprop Ng'eno

"I am originally from Kenya and I have lived in Doha for seven years. I was among the first students to join Doha College West Bay when it opened in 2013. For me, being a leader isn't about giving people instructions, it's about listening to them and help solve their problems. My participation in sports has helped me develop skills such as motivation, teamwork, discipline and perseverance, which are useful leadership qualities. A good leader sets good examples, inspires people, is disciplined and helps others to feel welcome. I believe I have all these qualities that will help me do the best job possible." 

Hazel Carter

"I joined our school in 2013 when the West Bay campus opened. I am immensely proud of Doha College and I want to represent the school to any newcomers and visitors. I love Doha College and I REALLY want to make it a haven of fun and learning for everyone (yes, even the teachers!). I want all the children to know that making mistakes doesn't make you a failure; it simply means you get to learn something new."

Rayek Abdo

"I was born in San Diego, California and have been living in Qatar since I was three months old. I have been at Doha College for seven years since Reception. I was thrilled to be the choice for Year 6 Head Boy. About two years ago I watched the candidates go for this job, I voted in the elections and I knew straightaway that I was the man for the job. I would like to thank all the students that voted for me and hope to be a good role model for all of them." 

Kiana Crane

"My name is Kiana Crane and I am in Year 6 Green. I am from Australia, Malaysia and England and I came to DC at the start of Year 3. I wanted to become head girl of Doha College Primary because I enjoy helping and supporting the school and other pupils, welcoming people to the College and organising great events. I thoroughly understand the importance of the being in this key role and I will live it to the fullest and give it my absolute best! I'm sure that this year will be filled with Excellence and Achievement along with loads of Fun and Enjoyment!"

Congratulations to this fresh team for being elected and we wish them the best of luck in this journey, which will give added significance to their final year at Doha College Primary School.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017