Art - Key Stage 4


The GCSE course explores and indentifies individual students skills and strengths. There are set skills projects to strengthen their knowledge, skills and understanding of traditional and contemporary media. They will have a foundation of observational and drawing skills in order that they may communicate their visual language as coherently as possible. We explore two themes for their coursework. The present themes are 'Surfaces and Textures' and 'Force'. The exam is a further theme set by the exam board in the 5th term of the course.

GCSE Photography

The GCSE course covers introduces students to both phtotgraphic techniques and the appreciaition of digital media. Students follow a structured programme of study that provides them with technical and practical skills, knowledge and understanding. The coursework component comprises of set projects whilst the exam allows indicvidual avenues of investigation. The exam is a set by the exam board in the 5th term of the course.